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Stephi LaReine

Getting In Contact

For Instagram collaborations, personal enquiries, sample gifting, event invitations please contact this email and identify purpose of the message in the subject to avoid being lost from vagueness. Regarding market collaborations please contact SEO editors David Hall & Syed Qasim.

All emails will be made in attempt to be replied, none-business proposals or chitchats can be sent to the Twitter, InstagramYoutube will be seen.

Stephi LaReine


Advertising spaces are always available, if your brand fits my criteria of helpful advertising of informing my readers of either knowledge or a product I truly believe in I will lend out space for a monthly fee, so get in touch with this email to discuss future possibilities, with your enquiry in the header. 


Due to living in the North West of England I will make keen efforts to attend all events with the likelihood of being able to get to events closer in cities such as Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds. Although I love meeting new people so if transport can be arranged for events further or overseas there's a higher possibility of appearing. 


University Coursework

Due to getting multiple emails per week asking about University work I can't guarantee all emails to be answered in deadline with existing work as the demand has increased incredibly. I'm delighted if you need to use imagery for case work if everything is referenced and email notification has been sent through specifying the use of imagery or words.