Urban Styles for Men and Trending Fashion; Being Fit in Your Fit

flat lay of mens styled clothing, brown mens shoes and white shirt

Urban Styles for Men and Trending Fashion; Being Fit in Your Fit

I am ecstatic to share men's clothing concepts that are neither avant-garde nor dismal couch-potato looks. In physical brick-and-mortar stores, the men’s department is relegated to the restrooms or exit to the dumpster areas. If there were more options, I tend to believe they would use them. 

Did you know the colour pink, decorative nails, and high-heeled shoes were all invented for men? Famous flash fashion fellas were first in the fabric frenzy. They were royalty, wealthy and affluent. Similar to current markets, cutting-edge fashion is expensive, and the average man can not wear the styles due to business or employment status. If you could afford a few clothes, the ones you had were for work, not style. 

The trends of silk doublets from King Francois I, ruffled shirts of Leopold II, and King Loui XVIs’ bouffant breeches (knee-length pants) can be compared to current baroque designs of Christian LaCroix, Doir, and Givenchy. Still alive in present times, but not mainstream. 

Beau Brummell ran away from the ornate designs of previous eras and is accredited with developing the modern men’s suit with trousers. In this period, most men had one suit, or two. They could not afford many clothes but felt compelled to dress appropriately for the time, dirty or not.

The men’s fashion market has grown as designers close in on fitting styles to fluctuating demands. Labels like Stussy, Nike, Undrground Clothing, HUF, Obey, and PE Nation give men options to look great in any style.

Our wardrobes, closets, and drawers today have more options than two. Check yours for these trends to create a current look from less than recent clothing purchases.

  • Do you have any jerseys? Sporting your favourite sporting franchise is excellent. The material used is high quality and breathable, making them comfortable. Their bright colours and bold emblems make style easy. Jerseys aren’t limited to sports. Fashion designer labels could up your game-jersey game.
  • The 3-stripe track or sporting wear is a fit for the athleisure trend. Being comfortable and looking good while doing it, is a great trend. Muscle shirts, solid Ts, and white kicks with a ball cap complete this look. 
  • According to Vogue; matching sets are a men’s fashion necessity. Using the same material and pattern for the top and bottom creates a purposeful image that is neat and clean, but displays personality.
  • Headgear, Hats, and bandannas are key accessories in adding flavour to your look. A classic cravat is a versatile option that can help shield from the sun, keep dust out, or heat in. A scarf is a functional fashion

If you are presenting a gift in beautiful wrapping, what is inside should match. Let your attitude be a gift wherever you go. Be a lion with a lamb's heart. Know where you are going and do so respectfully. That’s always in vogue.