How to Remove Unwanted Object from Photo with AI

How to Remove Unwanted Object from Photo with AI

Removing unnecessary objects from pictures could be a time-consuming and difficult manual work. The recent technological advancement in artificial intelligence (AI) based tools can detect and remove objects automatically. This article explores how object removal AI can help you delete unwanted elements in your photos with just a few clicks.


Object removal AI examines pixels of an image to identify its contents. Advanced algorithms are able to distinguish between unwanted photobombers, power lines, text, garbage or any other extraneous elements that may interfere with the image’s composition. Once detected by the AI, these objects will be erased and replaced by an unedited background so that hours spent on editing are saved. Let’s take a look at the best remove object from photo tool.


The Best Tool to Remove Object from Photo Free Online – insMind

insMind is an all-in-one AI photo editing app. It makes it easy for anyone to enhance and transform their images. One of its best features is the Magic Eraser tool. This lets users remove object from photo free online with a few clicks.


The Magic Eraser excels at deleting distracting elements in compositions. For instance, it can erase photobombers in group photos. It can remove power lines that interfere with landscape shots. It can instantly delete text, logos, watermarks, and more that you don’t have rights to. It can smoothly erase blemishes and marks to achieve flawless portraits. It can clean up product photos by removing text and logos. It can efficiently take out stains, holes, and other issues in old scanned photos.


The tool works by automatically detecting clicked objects. Then it intelligently erases them from the photo. insMind’s AI seamlessly fills in removed areas. It blends them naturally with the image. There are no obvious signs anything was deleted.


Key advantages include quick intelligent removal with clicks rather than manual editing. There is adjustable brush size for precision. Results look flawless and natural thanks to AI tech. Retouching is fast, saving huge time. It’s versatile for erasing many unwanted elements.


The Magic Eraser makes photo editing easy, fast and efficient. Anyone can instantly retouch photos to remove distractions. They can achieve stunning, professional-quality results with this powerful tool.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Remove Unwanted Object from Photo

Here is how to remove unwanted object from photos using insMind:

Step 1. Upload Your Photo

Get started with object removal by uploading your chosen photo to insMind. You can pull images directly from your computer files, social media, cloud storage, and more. You can also drag and drop photos in the tool. Make sure to select a high-resolution version for the best results.

Step 2. Select Objects to Erase 

Once your photo is uploaded, choose the Magic Eraser tool from the menu bar. Then simply click or drag your cursor over any unwanted objects like photobombers, power lines, text, blemishes etc. The intelligent AI will automatically detect and highlight the selected elements ready for removal.

Step 3. Refine and Confirm Edits 

Use the slider controls to fine-tune the area being erased if needed. Preview your changes in real-time to ensure the photo still looks natural. The advanced AI will seamlessly fill any removed sections with appropriate image content. Toggle the before and after views to verify the distractions are gone.

Step 4. Save and Share Your Edited Photo 

When you’re satisfied with the results, download the retouched image or share it directly to social platforms. The unwanted objects will be eliminated, leaving behind a clean, flawless photo. Show off your amazing edit and the power of AI photo enhancement.


With these simple steps, anyone can erase unwanted objects from photos using insMind’s Magic Eraser. The powerful AI does the hard work for you, so you can enjoy photo editing with ease.

What Else You Can Do after Removing Objects from Photo?

The Magic Eraser is just one of many powerful editing tools available in the insMind photo editing app. After using the AI-powered eraser to remove unwanted objects and blemishes from your photos, there are tons of creative ways to further enhance your images.


  • Change Backgrounds – One of the most popular editing features in insMind is the ability to instantly change backgrounds. Replace cluttered or boring backdrops with beautiful high resolution landscapes, solid colors, patterns and more with a single click. The advanced AI ensures the new background blends seamlessly with the photo’s foreground.
  • Retouch Portraits – insMind makes it easy to retouch portraits like a pro. Eliminate wrinkles, smooth skin, whiten teeth, remove shine, accentuate eyes and more using the intuitive portrait editing tools. Add beauty effects and adjustments to achieve magazine-worthy people photos.
  • Apply Artistic Filters – Transform the look and feel of photos by applying professional filters and presets. Choose from options like black and white, vintage, HDR, pop art and more. Add grain, vignettes or light leaks in seconds.
  • Resize and Crop – Crop, rotate, flip and resize photos to perfect the composition. Change aspect ratios like square for Instagram or 16:9 for YouTube thumbnails. Resize for print projects, digital use and more.
  • Enhance Color – Make colors pop using insMind’s color enhancement features. Boost vibrancy or selectively apply color splash effects to make key elements stand out while muting the background.
  • Add Text and Watermarks – Personalize images by adding stylish text, logos or watermarks. Customize fonts, sizes, colors and positions to match your brand.


With this versatile editing toolkit, the creative possibilities are endless for taking your photos to the next level after erasing distractions using the Magic Eraser.


It is common for one to eliminate unwanted images from photos as a routine editing job but that can turn out to be extremely boring if done by hand. With insMind’s AI-driven Magic Eraser, users can remove photo bombers, spots and other things which may have spoiled their pictures in seconds with couple of mouse clicks only. 


Get perfect results fast, without any hassle of retouching. Furthermore, insMind offers many other editing tools that will help you take your images to the next level once you have removed the undesired elements. Just try insMind today and remove objects from photo AI.