6 Reasons to Hire a Driver for Bali Vacation

Photo of Bali island shore

6 Reasons to Hire a Driver for Bali Vacation

Before you decide to travel to Bali, there are several things you need to consider, including finding out which tourist destinations you will visit, how much accommodation costs such as lodging, and what is no less important than all of that is to hire Bali driver.

There is several reasons why you are advised to hire a car rental service and driver, and here are those.

1. Local People

Having local friends who know the ins and outs and details of their beloved region is the best thing you can get. Local drivers will provide you with general knowledge and traditions in Bali voluntarily and can be relied on when asked for recommendations on tourist destinations with the fastest routes. When you hire a local driver in Bali, it means you make new friends there.

2. Public Transportation Availability

One of the things that need to be improved on the island of Bali is good and adequate public transportation. This condition means that transportation options are narrowed to only online motorbike taxis or similar. Some tourists might save more money by renting a motorbike and challenging themselves to put their entire luggage behind the motorbike seat and strap it on, but with the car option it certainly won't be that stressful.

3. Price Comparison

You need to know that the total price comparison between renting a car and hiring a driver is not that different. Moreover, if you have to drive yourself in Bali then you will be confused about finding an easy way. So it's much easier if you can hire a private driver.

4. Traffic in Bali

There is no doubt about Bali's popularity, so the problem of traffic jams is very natural, especially in the Seminyak, Kuta and Canggu areas. Under these conditions, it will clearly be more comfortable if you are driven by a private driver and he will be able to find another way, or choose an hour with lighter traffic. Therefore, it will save much more time.

5. Flexible Plan

Before going on a tourist trip, you can more easily arrange your holiday arrangements if you hire Bali driver.

Just by chatting, you can also change your travel plans and ask for recommendations for more enjoyable destinations. This will be good for those who don't really like schedules that are too tight and tend to be boring.

You can easily ask the driver to change the direction of travel to a more interesting temple or natural tourist attraction with ease and pleasure. Changes in plans and travel routes can change at any time and you will control your vacation more freely and easily.

6. Stress Free

The thought that you have to organize everything related to your holiday in detail can be a burden and reduce the enjoyment of your holiday. When you decide to hire a driver, you only need to think about your needs until you arrive at the airport, then your needs during the trip will be assisted directly by the driver when you arrive. As a conclusion, if you hire Bali driver, the advantage lies in arranging many things during your holiday, which surely makes your holiday easier and more fun.