Travel over 6 Saudi Arabia UNESCO World Heritage sites

Travel over 6 Saudi Arabia UNESCO World Heritage sites

Cheap Umrah packages understand the travel preferences of pilgrims and thus offer custom tour packages to the places of pilgrim’s choice. However, how to decide on the extended destinations in Saudi Arabia beyond pilgrimage as the kingdom is rich in cultural values, historical significance, spiritual vibes, and natural wonders? Well, it is simple. Plan your journey ahead, focus on the Umrah rituals from the heart, and explore all of the historical, natural, and spiritual landmarks of Saudi Arabia depending on the availability of time to get the most out of your single trip to Saudi Arabia. In today’s blog post, we will specifically talk about the historical significance of Saudi Arabia UNESCO World Heritage sites that help pilgrims learn the history of the region as well as Islam. So, let’s explore.

Travel over 6 Saudi Arabia UNESCO World Heritage sites 

It’s easier to plan additional tours to the famous historical landmarks of Saudi Arabia beyond pilgrimage with cheap Umrah packages. For history lovers and pilgrims who want to learn Islamic history in depth, exploring the UNESCO World Heritage sites is the best activity in Saudi Arabia after performing Hajj or Umrah rituals. The best part is that pilgrims with 12 Nights 3 star Umrah package can also arrange their budget-friendly trip to historical places as part of their travel plans to save more. UNESCO World Heritage sites are special as they are recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization which means that these places are unique either in terms of natural beauty, cultural significance, or historical relevance, which means that visiting such places is not usual. So, plan your pilgrimage now with additional tours to one of the historically special heritage sites to enhance the spiritual journey within budget.

1. Al-Hijr Archeological Site, Madain Saleh 

Madain Saleh is a captivating destination for pilgrims in terms of pre-Islamic history and ancient carvings. The place has remained a major port for traders from different parts of the world which were later used to live in the Al-Hijr Archeological Site and give rise to the Nabataean civilization. Madain Saleh is not so far from the pilgrimage sites as it is 400 km from Makkah and approximately 500 km from Madinah. By visiting the archeological drawings and carvings on the rising cliffs, pilgrims can understand the pre-Islamic history better and have quality time too.

2. Historic Jeddah 

Jeddah is a modern city located in proximity to pilgrimage sites is serving as a main port for traders and pilgrims. Pilgrims from all over the world land in Jeddah and then get on their way to their destinations. However, the Historic Jeddah is still preserved because of its stunning ancient carvings and buildings. The traditional marketplaces such as Souks and some older Mosques like Al-Shafei or Al-Mimar mosques attract pilgrims the most.

3. At-Turaif District 

At-Turaif District is a significant historical place for visitors who want to know the history of Saudi Arabia. The district is located in the ad-Dir’iyah region which is 400 km from Madinah and was the first capital of the kingdom. The UNESCO World Heritage preserved the old defensive walls, palaces, mosques, and forts that represent the living culture and architecture of locals. As the district is easily accessible through Madinah, extend your pilgrimage to At-Turaif and you will enjoy it definitely.

4. Al-Ahsa Oasis 

Al-Ahsa Oasis is popular because of its unique beauty and extensive history. It is like a big garden with diverse landscapes and trees of dates and palms everywhere. There are a number of water channels across the oasis to water plants known as falaj. For visitors and even pilgrims, Al Ahsa Oasis is a view from out of the world. So, plan your day trip to Al Ahsa with cheap Ramadan 14 nights 4 Star Umrah package and get there from Madinah within budget to see how beautiful the oasis is.

5. Rock Art in the Hail Region 

The Hail region is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Saudi Arabia as it is a house of ancient rocks. The locals of the Hail Region used to make art on the rocks related to their routine activities like hunting strategies, herding scenes, and rituals which are still preserved. Though the Hail Region is not closer to pilgrimage cities, it is worth your visit through the 12 Nights 3 star Umrah package. So, if you are in love with history and nature, the Hail region has a lot to explore for you.

6. Historic Jeddah Gate 

As pilgrims land in Jeddah for pilgrimage, it is easier to make the best out of time visiting the Historic Jeddah Gate. The gate was a signature architecture of the Ottoman era that still presents the history well, making it another UNESCO-recognized site of Saudi Arabia.