What is Marlborough Sounds Famous For?

What is Marlborough Sounds Famous For?

New Zealand’s natural beauty may have influenced your travel plans. Explore massive glaciers, sandy beaches, peaks, and hills. However, fitting everything into one trip can be hard.

One of New Zealand’s national landmarks is the Marlborough Sounds, a maze of underwater valleys.  Let’s find more about it below: 

Where are the Marlborough Sounds?

The Marlborough Sounds is a picturesque region that lies hidden between the Tasman and Cloudy Bay. It precisely can be found on the northeastern most point of the South Island. 

On a map of the country, several geographical features appear to reach toward Wellington. 

There is definitely plenty to keep you occupied for a whole vacation in this region of the country, which spans approximately 4,000 kilometres.

Marlborough Sounds cruise

You need a good boat to visit Marlborough Sounds, NZ. Getting on the water gives you a better view than from land. From Picton, a small settlement on the southern Sounds, boats can be chartered. It’s one of the easiest places to get to the sounds, along with Havelock to the west. Train, bus, or vehicle can take you there.

Water taxis are ideal for a few hours of acoustic exploration. Two- to three-hour picturesque trips on these boats give you a taste of the area. Alternatively, you may take a lengthier ‘eco-cruise’. Some operators let you disembark and hike briefly. Several water taxi businesses are in town.

Visitors can also take the Interislander Cook Strait Ferry from Picton to Wellington. Travel north via the watery pass between the mainland and Arapawa Island to reach the Cook Strait between the North and South Islands.

Other Ways to Experience the Sounds

The Sounds offer more than natural beauty. This region is known for its Sauvignon Blanc. Here, grapes thrive in favourable conditions. 90% of Sauvignon Blanc and 76% of New Zealand’s wine come from Marlborough vineyards. The region’s vines yield superb pinot noirs and craft breweries because of the long ripening season and pleasant weather.

A seafood cruise from Havelock or Picton is a terrific way to try the country’s best food and drink. Tour operators know the best coastal restaurants, so don’t worry.

There are various hiking trails along the coast for dry-ground exploration. A fifty-kilometre hike through a working New Zealand farm leads to the top of a ridge with a view of the surrounding landscape at Wither Hills Farm Park. If you prefer something shorter, the snout track starts near the Picton shoreline and offers excellent views of the surrounding area. The main trail takes four hours on foot (less if you bike). Start at the Snout Track car park in Victoria Domain for a three-hour route to shorten things.

For experienced hikers seeking adventure, the Queen Charlotte circuit offers many days of stunning bays, mountains, woodlands, and grasslands. Along the way, you’ll find campsites, cafes, and luxury lodges with an unmatched vista of Queen Charlotte and Kenepuru sounds. You can also arrange a boat transfer for your belongings. Hikers love New Zealand, and this path is one of the best, so why not include it in your trip

Get set, go……

Still wondering whether to visit the Sounds? You don’t need to be. Pack your travel bags and get ready for a memorable journey into the Sounds like never before.