Growth Factors and Their Role in Skincare Formulations

Growth Factors and Their Role in Skincare Formulations

Growth Factors and Their Role in Skincare Formulations 

A radiant, youthful complexion is a testament not only to good skincare habits but also to the efficacy of the ingredients that are incorporated into the skincare products and routine used. While staples like retinoids, sunscreens, and Vitamin C have long held the spotlight of importance in playing this role, emerging research reveals the growing potential of stem cell components in skincare and haircare formulations. These include microscopic elements like growth factors, cytokines, and exosomes, which have been studied extensively in wound healing models and are now making waves in cosmeceuticals for their ability to rejuvenate aging skin and revitalize skin health.

This revolutionary approach to skincare starts with growth factors, which are naturally occurring proteins produced or secreted by various cells, including fibroblasts, keratinocytes, and melanocytes. To break it down, fibroblasts contribute to the formation of connective tissues by secreting the collagen proteins required to maintain its structural framework, keratinocytes lie in the outermost layer of the skin and proliferate and differentiate in the skin repair process, and melanocytes produce melanin that darkens the pigmentation of the skin. These proteins all play a pivotal role in stimulating growth, healing, and regeneration in living tissues to restore the epidermal barrier and layers.

Today, most commercially available growth factors are either genetically engineered or derived from stem cells, such as those found in bone marrow, skin, or fat. These potent bioactive molecules serve as the backbone of many skincare formulations, offering a holistic approach to skin rejuvenation and repair. Dr. Sejal Shah, a board-certified dermatologist, argues in favor of this by pointing out that growth factors have a variety of advantages, including enhancing skin firmness and elasticity and strengthening the skin barrier.

Cytokines also stand alongside growth factors in playing a vital supporting role in the science behind stem cell skincare and are largely responsible for controlling inflammation within the body. These small, secreted proteins regulate the immune system and aid in skin repair, orchestrating intricate cellular communications that are needed to maintain optimal skin health. Within these signaling pathways, cytokines can be both grown by the same cell and directly affect it, the cytokine molecule can be produced by one cell before it is instructed to act on another, and the cytokines can modulate the body’s immune response. Whether acting through autocrine, paracrine, or endocrine pathways, cytokines contribute to the delicate balance in successful skin and cellular regeneration.

Lastly, exosomes round up the potent stem cell combination in skincare formulations. These are the nano-sized extracellular vesicles found in mammalian cells that carry nucleic acid, various proteins, bioactive lipids, and genetic material like RNAs. Exosomes are the intercellular messengers that help to encourage communication between cell types and play an important role in the regular functioning of the immune system. While the size and quantity of exosomes often stand out in the scheme of things, it’s the content and messages that they carry that truly hold the key to unlocking their contribution to skin care. Exosomes are full of proteins, growth factors, and the genetic information cells need to talk to each other. They have a huge amount of potential to help the skin heal and renew itself deep within the dermis, and these benefits can reach the skin’s surface.

So, growth factors, cytokines, and exosomes work collectively and in harmony to renew and restore aging skin to a more youthful, vibrant state. As we age, the number and activity of stem cells, the body’s natural source of these rejuvenating factors, decline due to a variety of damage, including conditions that can disrupt and imbalance the body’s health as well as external environmental factors like cuts and scrapes or harmful sun radiation. However, skincare formulations that are enriched with growth factors and exosomes offer a promising solution to counteract these unwanted effects and restore a brighter complexion.

One such brand that reliably delivers on this is CALECIM® Professional, whose commitment to ethical sourcing and scientific innovation sets it apart in the skincare landscape. They make sure they have a steady supply of bioactive molecules for their solutions and serums by using the regenerative power of stem cells from powerful sources that are obtained ethically. Central to its skin and hair care formulations is its star ingredient called PTT-6®, a patented blend of powerful bioactives that are backed by heavy scientific research and clinical trials to validate its efficacy and the influence it has on cellular regeneration.

PTT-6® is different from synthetic alternatives because it has over 3,000 active growth factors, cytokines, and exosomes per milliliter. This is similar to the complex signaling network that the body’s stem cells naturally make. Simply put, CALECIM®’s skincare does more than just add to the ingredients within the skin layers, it induces and encourages them to produce more of these proteins on their own via effective intercellular communication. According to cosmetic surgeon Dr. Mitchel Goldman, the passive stem cells beneath the dermis are ripe for influence as they await a signal to turn them back on and kickstart the production of rejuvenating properties. 

This comprehensive approach and unique formulation accelerate skin repair by shortening the epidermal cell turnover time, and boosting collagen and elastin production, leading to visibly improved skin texture and a noticeable lifting effect for users. Through laboratory trials conducted with CALECIM® Professional products, measurements of the dermis layers have indicated a thickening of them, displaying restored cell vitality upon application of their active ingredient.

By leveraging the restorative power of stem cells, skincare science can effectively treat the underlying causes of skin aging. As the cosmeceutical industry continues to advance and evolve, stem cell technology can help drive innovation and strengthen results, pushing for revolutionary formulations that serve as targeted solutions. CALECIM®’s own transformative and advanced approach to their research and skincare developments has proven a reliable answer for those seeking to defy the signs of aging and reinvigorate the health of their skin. Find out more here

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