Flower Bouquet: Expressing Unsaid Feelings of Love in Mother’s Day

Flower Bouquet: Expressing Unsaid Feelings of Love in Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day – an important occasion for people around the World to express love and gratitude to their mothers, the unsung heroes of the family. While they must be appreciated throughout the year, carving out one day just for mothers to feel special is done in almost every country around the World.

There could hardly be a better way to express love, fondness and gratitude than gifting a beautiful flower bouquet with delicately arranged, vividly colored flowers. The intricacy of a flower bouquet, whether it is made up of rose or tulip or any other beautiful flower, speaks louder than words. It is a perfect gift for any occasion, especially when it comes to thanking those we owe our life to. Flower bouquets have a language of their own. Each flower represents emotions and sentiments that we want to express, but are unable to do so in words. For mother’s day, one cannot go wrong with a lovely flower bouquet.

Mother’s Day has ancient roots, with the Christians celebrating a day called “Mothering Sunday” honoring Mary and the mothers in general. Modern mother’s day celebration is said to have originated in the 20th century, in the United States, which quickly gained popularity internationally. Each country has its own variation of the holiday, with dates altering between March and May.

Rose and tulip seem to have taken the front seat during this occasion. Rose symbolizes love, affection and admiration; while the tulip is a token of serenity, peace and elegance. Selecting the perfect flower bouquet for mothers can be challenging. For classical moms, a flower bouquet of roses is the perfect choice. Rose represents undying admiration. For modern stylish moms, tulips may be a wise choice.  The elegance of a beautiful white tulip sits well with the gracefulness of mothers.

Expressing affection through a flower bouquet is a timeless tradition. The enchanting fragrances, the vivid arrangement of beautiful flowers encapsulate all that we feel towards those who spend the better part of their days making sure we are well and fed. The love of a mother cannot be measured. As we celebrate Mother’s day, it is important to go beyond the aspect of material gift giving. Taking some time out to physically meet your mother, giving her a beautiful flower bouquet, made up of rose or tulip, from your own hand, might just make your mother’s day. It is important to note that this day is not just for those who gave birth to you; it is for those who nourished you, took care of you, and made you a big part of their lives, be it an elderly sister, an aunt, grandmother or any maternal figure. Flower bouquets represent those feelings of gratitude that we normally are too hesitant to admit.

Let us join hands in vowing to cherish our mother or maternal figure every day of our lives; not just the one day, recognizing the countless ways they shape our lives and nurture us. The bond that joins families must be adored, appreciated and preserved.