Fashion Forward: Trends In Mens Sandals For Different Seasons

Fashion Forward: Trends In Mens Sandals For Different Seasons

Mens sandals have become more popular than ever before. Once restricted to casual occasions, beach parties, and quick outings, they are now integrated into the fashion world. The reason for the popularity of Arabic sandals is due to their development over time and what they have become now. Arabic sandals have come to represent heritage, elegance, and comfort. Some brands, such as Farada, use the most skilled Italian designers to design sandals for men with exceptional elegance. In addition, Arabic sandals can be worn across different seasons.

Arabic Sandals In Spring

In the spring, the style of clothing changes radically. After the winter passes, we stop wearing heavy pieces and begin to renew the clothing style, like the renewal of roses and blossoms. This season, people usually prefer to wear sandals and flip-flops to feel free on their feet and achieve effortless comfort. Therefore, looking for leather sandals in attractive earthy and natural colors is preferable to match the season’s atmosphere. 

In the spring, you can wear Arabic sandals with shorts and a linen shirt. If you love wearing hats, a hat will add a wonderful touch to your look, as will a leather bracelet on your forearm, giving you a stunning finishing touch.

Farada sandals are an excellent choice for this cheerful season. They are made of the finest types of leather with modern designs and decorated with elegant buckles in various simple shapes to complete your outfit delicately and beautifully. They also bring you comfort easily because they are made of high-quality materials and soles. 

Arabic Sandals In The Summer 

With the advent of summer and rising temperatures, men’s sandals become essential pieces in your wardrobe due to their open design and constant breathability. They are also elegant and compatible with many summer occasions, such as strolling on the beach, barbecue parties, and going out on night walks to enjoy the city atmosphere. But beware! Cheap sandals made from poor-quality materials will not meet your expectations at all. 

In this context, it is necessary to mention the distinctive Farada sandals. They are made with the famous Ortholite insole, which allows your feet to be breathable in the summer heat and keep them dry and cool for as long as possible. Thus, you can enjoy your summer day without feeling uncomfortable due to sweaty feet. Each pair of Arabic sandals from Farada is hand-stitched by the finest craftsmen, paying attention to the most minor details to give you the comfort you need and the luxurious touch you are looking for. 

Arabic Sandals In The Autumn 

As autumn arrives, temperatures become a little cooler and more variable as well. The weather may be mild or warm during the day, but the temperature gradually drops towards the evening. Therefore, it is necessary to wear footwear that easily fits into the day and night, and this is what you will find in the designs of Farada Arabic sandals. 

In this season, it is preferable to wear sandals in autumn and warm colors that retain heat, such as black, olive green, and dark gray. You can wear mens sandals in the fall season over heavy Arab Abaia or jeans and a light jacket to create the perfect outfit for fall outings. 

On the Farada website, you will find sandals in endless colors. Whether you prefer classic or modern sandals, there are many designs to suit your taste.  

Arabic Sandals In Winter 

You may think that Arabic sandals are not the ideal choice for winter footwear. However, in some countries, such as the Gulf states, there is little rainfall and winters are harsh for only about one month of the year, making traditional winter clothing and footwear is not always necessary. As in autumn, the weather is almost temperate during the day, and becomes colder at night. Thus, wearing mens sandals becomes regular and adequate, and it also prevents you from feeling the heat of your feet during the day. 

In winter, you should choose well-cushioned sandals, which include thick, flexible insoles and outsoles to give your feet traction on wet surfaces. Farada sandals include exceptionally resistant TPU outsoles to provide the support and security your feet need to walk on any surface comfortably and safely. They are also made of premium natural leather and are well-cushioned to keep your feet comfortable and warm in the winter. 

In Conclusion 

Leather sandals are no longer just sub-footwear for wearing at the beach or during quick outings. On the contrary, it has become a symbol of elegance, fashion, and heritage appreciation after taking the fashion world by storm with its practicality and elegance. Arabic sandals can be worn throughout the year. They are suitable for spring weather, summer heat, autumn elegance, and practicality for winter. The diversity of its designs, from classic to modern, gives them an added advantage.


Farada sandals are distinguished by their distinctive designs and detailed hand-stitching by the best Italian craftsmen and designers. It also offers a variety of colors to suit all tastes and seasons. Most importantly, it is made from the finest leather tanned in one of the most luxurious Italian tanneries and includes excellent cushioning, an Ortholite insole that allows for ventilation for the feet, and an outsole made of exceptionally resistant thermoplastic polyurethane to enhance safety when walking on different surfaces. 


Visit the Farada website and discover creative Arabic sandals and be brighter than before.