Best of 5 reasons to wishlist Tarsar Marsar Trek

Tarsar Marsar Trek

Best of 5 reasons to wishlist Tarsar Marsar Trek

Himalayan Treks are always pretty. But when it comes to Tarsar Marsar Trek, you must experience this without a second thought. Originating in Kashmir, the Tarsar Marsar Trek has the best to offer you, including adventure for trekkers and a wide variety of flora and fauna for nature enthusiasts. 

The Tarsar Marsar Trek is the best example of what trekking in Kashmir must be like. From striking Alpine lakes to endless grasslands and spectacular mountain views, this place will awe-struck you. So, are you planning on going to Tarsar Marsar? The following are the best of 5 reasons why you should! 

Kashmir, and all about Kashmir

The best possible reason to do this trek in Kashmir. Kashmir is more than a fantasy and a dreamland, and getting to trek Kashmir must be on your wishlist because it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you shouldn't miss. 

Trekking in the Himalayas is great, but trekking in the Kashmiri Himalayas is probably the best because it offers the grandest landscapes with breathtaking beauty which can only be compared to the Austrian Alps and The Swiss Beauty. Trekking in Kashmir offers you a wide variety of flora and scenic views including vast meadows, glades and sweeping landscapes, grasslands, pine forests, spectacular snow-clad peaks, and many more. 

Meadows of Aru Campsite

The European-style setting of Aru is all you need to witness when you go for the Tarsar Marsar Trek. This village is a cluster of lovely cottages where poplar and willow trees appear amidst the cottages, consisting of slanting roofs that give the place a European touch. 

Beautifully landscaped grasslands surround Aru and a clear stream runs through it which adds to its European look. The landscape of Aru looks so dreamy that you almost get confused that an architect designed it. Taking a long circuitous walk around the Aru Village, hugging the pine trees hovering around it, and climbing a bit more to enjoy more of its beauty, is all you need to do when you're going for a trek at Tarsar Marsar. 

Lidderwat Campsite

Lidderwat Campsite, which is located towards the Kolahoi glacier originating under the pine trees, takes the name of a Tiny Gujjar Settlement. This Campsite is one of the reasons why you should wishlist Tarsar Marsar Trek. This is because Lidderwat Campsite is a stunning settlement that gives you the fresh smell of nature - the pine trees, where you can observe life from a different era. 

Speaking of the same, the thing that you shouldn't miss out on while you're at Lidderwat Campsite is spending time around the lovely meadow grasslands near it, which are probably the best thing given by nature. 

Tarsar Marsar Trek

Spectacular Lakes like the Tarsar and Marsar Lake

Tarsar Lake

Tarsar Lake, which is administered by Kolahoi mountain ranges elevated at 4000 meters, is flanked by Aru and Sind valleys. Tarsar Lake is an almond-shaped alpine lake that is exhausted by an opening stream that falls into the Lidder River where it connects with the Kolahoi stream at Lidderwat Valley. The lake serves as a premier destination for Ski Mountaineering and Heliski as it is sheltered by heavy snow throughout the year. The lake is one of the wondrous art of nature bestowed on us that we shouldn't miss out on. 

Want to enjoy this beauty? Do wishlist the Tarsar Marsar Trek right now! 

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Marsar Lake

Marsar Lake, which is elevated at 3800 meters is situated in the vicinity of Mahadev Mountain Range and is sited in a deep gorge. Situated on the right side of the lake is a wildlife park known as Hangul Park. Marsar outlets Dagwan stream which is sourced by Sarband water body and is a major drinking source of Srinagar city. 

Myth has it that Marsar Lake is spooky and there have been many stories about the same which is why it is well known as an Eminent mysterious Lake in the history of Kashmir. To explore more about Tarsar's history, go for the Tarsar Marsar Trek. 

The pretty Shekawas

The Shekawas grasslands just add to the beauty of the place and are probably one of the best reasons to go for the Tarsar Marsar Trek. The grassy ridge of the Shekawas is so grassy that you'll need to climb it barefoot which makes it the best thing to experience while going for the trek. The more you climb, the valleys open up making the view better. Another reason to go for the Tarsar Marsar trek is to experience Shekawas's sunset which is one of the best sunsets you'll encounter there. 

So, what are you thinking about? Do wishlist Tarsar Marsar Trek right now! 


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Tarsar Marsar Trek