How to Integrate Colour Drenching in Your Bedroom.

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How to Integrate Colour Drenching in Your Bedroom

Pictured: Willis Gambier Camille Bed 4FT 6 Double High Foot End (Available online from Bedstar).

Colour drenching is a rather obsessive interior design style but in a good way – it involves painting everything the same vibrant shade including the walls, ceiling, woodwork and even furniture for a cocooning space in your favourite hue.

You'd have to really love one colour for 'colour drenching' to work, but selecting a shade you love is no bad thing for character's sake.

Jewel tones like emerald, green, sapphire blue, and ruby red create a luxe, dramatic feel that is beyond neutral, while pastels like blush pink, lilac, and baby blue have a soft, dreamy quality. The trick is to balance colour drenching with whites and creams to create distinctive features like sleeping and reading zones.

Paint the Right Elements

Colour drenching doesn't mean your entire room has to be monochromatic. The trick is painting the fixed, structural elements that feature colour - walls, ceiling, door, window frames, radiators and built-in shelves or cabinets. Keep the floor a neutral shade by leaving wooden floorboards natural or opting for a grey carpet.

Pictured: Birlea Loxley Forest Green 4FT 6 Double Ottoman Bed. Priced £359 (Save £239 on RRP). Available online from Bedstar.

Weave in plenty of neutral elements to prevent the space from overwhelming—white, ivory, beige, tan, and grey balance the dominant colour.

Choose neutral upholstery for your bed frame, headboard, and any seating. Layer the bed with crisp white sheets and a neutral duvet or quilt. Hang white or cream curtains and introduce natural textures like a jute rug, rattan lamp, or woven wall hanging.

Play With Different Tones

Create depth and visual interest by using different tones of your primary colour. For example, you could have emerald walls in a green room with a mint dresser and sage accessories. This tonal variation makes the palette more dynamic. You can also experiment with different paint finishes like matte for the walls and glossy for the ceiling and woodwork.

Add Metallic Accents

Metallics are a colour drencher's best friend. The reflective quality of gold, silver, brass, and copper contrasts with matte walls. It catches the light and adds a touch of glam. Incorporate metallics through light fixtures, mirrors, photo frames and decorative accents. Brushed or satin finishes tend to look more sophisticated than super shiny ones.


Pictured: The Naples Bed Company, Front Drawer 4FT 6 Double Fabric Bed Frame – Pink. Priced £679. Available online from Bedstar. 

Keep Décor Simple

With a mighty wall colour, it's best to keep décor and furnishings minimalist. Avoid busy patterns and let the paint be the star. Go for solid-coloured or subtly textured items in neutral shades or tones of your main feature wall colour.

A gallery wall of black-and-white photos or line drawings in simple frames makes a stylish statement. 

Houseplants also pop beautifully against colour-drenched walls—Pachira aquatica and Kentia palms are fantastic choices for bedrooms.

Make It Yours

The joy of colour drenching is how personal it feels. Lean into what delights you—ocean blues, blush pinks, or charcoal greys. Display artwork and objects that are meaningful to you.

The odd dash of an unexpected accent colour is also welcome - a vibrant yellow cushion in a lilac room or a chunky red knit blanket in a blue space to create visual interest. These little colourful touches will make the room uniquely yours.


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Summing Up

Colour drenching is a fantastic way to create a bedroom that feels like a cosy cocoon—although it isn't for everyone because it’s so intense.

By painting the walls, ceiling, and woodwork one bold shade and balancing it with neutral furnishings and metallic accents, you can achieve a dramatic and soothing space.

The key is picking a colour you love and confidently committing to it. With a bit of colour bravery, you can transform your bedroom into a drenched delight. Start with your bed frame and build colours around it to set the scene.