Home Solar Panels – What Maintenance Do I Need to Do?

Home Solar Panels – What Maintenance Do I Need to Do?

Solar power is a reliable and sustainable energy source, but like any system, it requires regular maintenance to ensure it functions at its best. Fortunately, maintaining your panels is neither onerous or complicated. Just check your panels regularly to make sure they are working properly, both on your app and on your roof, clean them off periodically, and call your installer if you see anything that looks amiss. Still unsure? Let’s look at each step in more detail. 

Importance of Regular Inspections

Regular inspections are the unsung heroes of solar power maintenance. Solar panels can last decades so you want to make sure you’re monitoring your investment. By checking your solar panels periodically, you can catch potential issues early on, saving yourself from headaches down the line. It's like going for a health check-up – catching a problem in its infancy is always better than dealing with a full-blown crisis. These inspections help prevent system failures and downtime, ensuring your solar power system keeps humming along smoothly. To check your panels simply open your solar app and make sure your panels are producing solar as expected. Your installer should have given you an idea of how much electricity your panels will produce so just make sure you’re seeing those results.

If something seems not quite right on the app, pick a nice day to take a look at your panels on your roof. Panels have no moving parts and are notoriously long lasting without any maintenance, but it’s good practice to take a look to see if you can spot any issues. In most cases something like a tree branch may have fallen and be blocking light to a couple panels. If you feel safe doing so you can remove any debris yourself, or call a professional to help clear off your roof. 

If you don’t see anything but your panels are producing lower than expected, call your solar installer and have them provide some routine check-ups. Usually the process doesn’t require anyone to come to your house and is a software issue than can be resolved remotely. 

Routine Cleaning Practices

Now, let's talk about keeping your solar panels clean. Think of your solar panels as windows – if they're dirty, they won't let in as much light. Dirt, dust, and debris can accumulate on your panels over time, impacting their efficiency. The solution? Regular cleaning.

You don't need to be a cleaning aficionado to maintain your solar panels. A gentle cleaning with a soft brush or cloth can do wonders. You won’t need any cleaning products, water is best as it won’t leave residue behind. Even spraying your panels with a hose (not a pressure washer!) after a particularly dusty season is most often enough. Keep an eye out for bird droppings – they might seem harmless, but they can affect your panel's performance. As for the frequency, aim for a cleaning session every few months, or more often if you live in a particularly dusty or bird-heavy area. 

Remember, it's all about ensuring your solar panels get as much sunlight as possible, so they can convert it into the energy you need.

Maintaining your solar power system doesn't have to be daunting. Regular inspections and routine cleaning might seem like small tasks, but they play a big role in keeping your solar panels in top-notch condition. Just like you'd care for anything else you value, a little attention to your solar power system goes a long way in ensuring it keeps powering your home efficiently. So, don't shy away from giving your solar panels some TLC – your energy bill and the planet will thank you.