Trending Hairstyles for Outdoor Engagement Photos: Soft Waves, Braids, and Boho Chic

Trending Hairstyles for Outdoor Engagement Photos: Soft Waves, Braids, and Boho Chic

Outdoor engagement photos are a top choice to capture the natural passion and eagerness of a couple in a natural environment. It is an important element of these photoshoots which is the hairstyle. The hairstyle can significantly change the look and feel of the pictures. In this article, we’ll explore three trending hairstyles perfect for outdoor engagement photos: soft waves, braids, and boho chic choices.

Soft Waves: Effortlessly Romantic

Dissipating lulls have an inbuilt romantic element, which explains their popularity among couples planning outdoor engagement shoots This, being a loose wave, helps the hair to move and form a three-dimensional look. Soft yet natural ambiance seamlessly blends into any external environment – whether it is sandy beaches or gardens filled with beautiful flowers.

It is easy to get a soft wave, hence it is one of the options that brides-to-be, who are looking for a romantic and relaxed appearance, can go for as they prepare for their engagement photo shoots. Curling your hair with a curling iron or a wand, curl strands of hair by moving them from you, then create a loose, soft finish by breaking the curls with your fingers.

Braids: Elegant and Versatile

Weaving together a unique combination of elegance and versatility, a braided hairstyle is a perfect choice for outdoor engagement photoshoots. Braids can be a classic French braid, fishtail braid, or more elaborate braided updos. They always add a touch of refinement to any outdoor setting.

The braid has another advantage in that it can be pulled on different occasions. Brides can select from the available menu of braiding options that will suit their personality and wedding theme. Moreover, braids prevent hair from coming undone and making tangles which is very important during outdoor photo shoots especially where wind or movements are involved.


Boho Chic: Free-spirited and Natural

Bohemian chic takes the outdoor air to the next level. We have seen a wide range of these contemporary hairstyles thus making them the most preferred option for engagement photoshoots in places conjuring a bohemian feel. This haircut, which can have a less elaborate version, is usually represented in terms of loose waves, braids, and whimsical hair accessories like flowers or feathers.

To get the feeling of the boho-chic style, opt for textures and imperfect pieces. Consider loose, tousled waves or braids styled with precious accents for a more casual look. The recipe is to produce a style of hair that is casual and no-care which goes well with the natural splendor of the outdoor environment.

Importance of Wedding Photos

The near my wedding blitz-flew! Everything collapses after the I-dos, the first dance, and the last exit with the sparklers. The only things to hold on to are the memories and photos. Thus, choosing the right wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions that couples have to make if they are planning a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Wedding photographs are much more than just pictures; they are priceless memories that capture the love, happiness, and emotion of what is probably the most valuable occasion in somebody’s life. Hairstyles are a key feature of such pictures, which are the reason for the aesthetic and the message that wedding day conveys.

Be it the bride’s classy updo, the groom’s trendy flat-top, or the bridesmaids’ coordinated hairstyles, all of these hair types are part of the visual story told on the wedding day. As the years go by, the couples turn back to their wedding pictures to find themselves in those few sacred minutes, revisiting the love and joy of having family and friends around.

Choosing the Right Engagement Photographer

Choosing the right engagement photographer is crucial to creating the charm for your big day. In choosing a wedding photographer, do not forget to think of style, experience, and personality as well. Search for a photographer whose portfolio matches your vision and taste for the best results.

Also, it’s critical to establish a rapport with your photographer and for you to feel comfortable and relaxed when in their presence. Like Curtis Wallis, wedding photographers realize the fact that trust and connection with the clients are extremely crucial to taking natural and emotional shots during every single moment of the day.


Let’s Meet Curtis Wallis: Experienced Wedding Photographer

With over 30 years of experience in the trade of wedding photography, Curtis Wallis possesses the art of wedding photography. As the chief photographer and owner of Curtis Wallis Wedding Photography, he enjoys capturing on film the invincible emotion and the unpredictable plot of couples’ big day.

Curtis Wallis Photography is located in Columbus, Ohio, and focuses on editorial-style photography. They take natural pictures and real emotions that tell the story of each affair. His photographic passion and dedication to achieving a high standard of work have helped him become one of the best destination wedding photographers in the area.

When customer come to their studio they will have assurance of personal kind of services and attention to detail that results in timeless pictures. Whether you desire a low-key elopement or a big party, Curtis is glad to be part of your plan and help you to have beautiful memories for the future. Among many engagement photographers in the town, Curtis stands out for his unparalleled expertise, artistic vision, and commitment to delivering exceptional service to every couple he works with.



The selection of the hairstyle for outdoor engagement photos is a must in creating a romantic moment that is all about the love and joy of this lifetime experience. Soft waves, braids, and boho looks are chameleons of hairstyles providing variety, elegance, and timeless beauty. These styles go well with natural settings, thus creating unforgettable photos.


Couples need to also make sure that they find the best photographer for their wedding and that is in addition to choosing the right hairstyle. Artists such as Curtis Wallis are the ones who realize the importance of wedding photos and this is their mission, to help people keep their memorable pictures as artworks with artistic passion and fancy. Through the two design elements of style and photography, couples can guarantee that their wedding times are eternally memorialized for generations ahead.


  1. How early should I arrange my wedding photographer?

The best time to secure your wedding photographer is when you have the date and venue settled, especially during the peak wedding season.

  1. What questions should I ask potential wedding photographers?

You may want to inquire about their photography style, how long they have experience in shooting weddings, the price and package, and the availability on your wedding day.

  1. Do wedding photographers provide engagement photo sessions as well?

Engagement photo sessions are often included in wedding photographer packages or as an extra service. These sessions are all you need to become a confident model in front of the camera and look fantastic on your big day.

  1. To what extent can I make sure that photos of my wedding reflect my style?

Talk with your photographer about your vision, ideas, and images you want to get. Additionally, inspirational photos are useful for relaying the desired look.

  1. How should I evaluate the portfolio of a wedding photographer?

Observe the way the photographer uses light, composition, and storytelling. Find images that can bring out some feelings and that show quiet moments between couples and their closest people.