The 3 Tips To Pair An Accessory That Goes With Your Sweater

The 3 Tips To Pair An Accessory That Goes With Your Sweater

The 3 Tips To Pair An Accessory That Goes With Your Sweater

It can sometimes be a challenge to find the right accessory that pairs perfectly with what you're wearing. When you are wearing a sweater, this challenge can be a lot of fun since there are a lot more options. There are different sweater styles and textures that allow you to play around with combinations. 

The idea is to find a piece that complements the sweater without overwhelming it. The right choice of accessories can improve the overall look and show off your personal style. Pairing the right scarf and sweater combination can say alot about who you are, for instance. In this article, we will go over some tips to help you find the right combination. 

1 - Jewelry

Balance is key when trying to accessorize jewelry with a sweater. It highly depends on the type of sweater you are wearing and the type of jewelry you usually like to wear. 

For instance, when you are wearing women's crew neck sweaters, longer necklaces are usually perfect since the neck is higher. think about choosing a pendant that drops below the chest to create a focal point. 

Earrings also become a focal point in this ensemble since the neck is higher. Choose dangling earrings that add a touch of elegance and draw attention to your face. However, if your sweater is brightly colored or patterned, you might want to go with simpler studs to avoid a garish look. 

Bracelets can be a great addition as well, especially if you're wearing a sweater with shorter sleeves. 

2 - Scarves and shawls

Matching scarves with sweater types and materials can really bring your look together. Before you settle on a scarf or shawl, think about the textures of them and the texture of the sweater. A light scarf lightens a heavy knit sweater by creating a contrast in textures. On the other hand, a chunky wool scarf can complement a simple cashmere sweater by adding volume. 

Pay attention to color coordination as well. A scarf with a pop of color or pattern can brighten up a neutral sweater. If your scarf and sweater have contrasting textures, using the same color can make things interesting. 

Experimenting with different ways to tie your scarf can also elevate your outfit. Simply letting the scarf hang loosely around your neck can add a laid-back vibe. For a sophisticated look, try looping the scarf inside itself.

3 - Belts

Oversized sweaters have come back into fashion lately after their heyday in the 1980s. When you're wearing a sweater that's below the hips, a belt can cinch in the waist and create a more flattering silhouette.

Choose a belt that contrasts with your sweater for a statement, or one that blends in for a subtle effect. For thicker sweaters, a wider belt works well to define the waist without getting lost in the fabric. For finer knits, a slim belt can add just some definition without going unnoticed as it would if the sweater were thicker.