Money Belt Vs Neck Wallet: Which One Is Best?

Money Belt Vs Neck Wallet: Which One Is Best?

Money Belt Vs Neck Wallet: Which One Is Best?

Which one would you wrap around your waist or tuck beneath your clothing?

People like to use money belts or fanny packs while traveling with cash, credit cards, and passports. There are other reliable options for securing your belongings, such as neck belts. 

A common dilemma about traveling with carryable belongings would be picking one from a money belt or a neck wallet. 

Well, there are pros and cons to both of them. We believe that both are worth sharing. 

The money belts are great to keep your valuables concealed, but sometimes you may find accessing them inconvenient. 

Contrarily, a neck wallet is more convenient in terms of accessibility, but it also draws attention to the user unless they wear several layers of clothes. 

Both are great at securing your valuables. Therefore, go through our in-depth discussion on the money belt and neck wallet. You need to determine which one is suitable for your purpose, don’t you?

Quick Summary 

Like fanny packs, money belts are safe pouches that hold cash, cards, and other papers. If you’re worried about how you would look with big bags slung over your pants, go for a money belt. 

On the other hand, a neck wallet functions like a money belt that you may tuck undergarments and wear either over the shoulder or the neck based on the strap’s adjustable length. 

These small cloth bags can be RFID-protected to keep your chip cards and IDs safe from digital readers and hold all your paperwork while slipping beneath even the thinnest shirts. Choosing any of these items depends on their advantages, disadvantages, and usage. 

Money Belt

When people think of money belts, they often think of visitors from the Dopey Western. They proved that money belts are a practical option by donning shorts, white socks, and sandals. 

Money belts are available in a wide range of designs, and some include a big main pocket for your mobile, coins, passports, and other items. However, this style may be unusual. It’ll take a while to get used to the money belt. 

Also, you may get money belts with a single bag with several sections, allowing you to put certain items in each. These waist belts are great for those who prefer to carry something subtle around their waist. 

However, you may find using it inconvenient while attempting to conceal the accessory while removing cash or other papers. 

Neck Wallet 

You can conceal your valuables- passport, credit cards, and cash- in a tiny neck wallet that fits snugly beneath your shirt. 

Wearing a neck wallet like a pistol holster around the neck carrying a single strap underneath one arm is one of the secure methods. Wearing it merely around the neck makes it simple to tear off. 

Find out the 7 options for the best travel neck wallets


If you don’t want your chain or lanyard to break quickly, make sure it’s constructed of sturdy material. The wallet has many sections to help you keep your belongings organized and within easy reach. 

Money Belt vs Neck Wallet (Know The Difference)

People secure belonging in many innovative ways. Here are some factors to check while comparing money belts and neck wallets:

  • Unobtrusive 

A money belt worn beneath clothing can conceal valuables from potential thieves. However, this doesn’t stop them from being held up. A would-be thief will likely take note if you wear a traditional money belt. 

Similarly, removing cash from a money belt tucked beneath jeans might be inconvenient. Locate an unnoticeable place to pull out your belt to avoid drawing attention to yourself. 

However, neck wallets give you complete peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about pickpockets, theft, or losing your most important possessions. 

The neck wallets are discreet travel pouches, keeping everything close and protecting your valuables. You can focus on enjoying your vacation. 

  • Comfort 

Where would you rather wear it: around your waist or your neck? 

As we said before, everyone has their idea of comfort. 

The main problem with neck pouches is that they may become a pain in the neck when they are too clunky. 

On the other hand, you won’t feel the weight of a money belt on your shoulder if you wear it around your waist, so it’s comparatively more comfortable. Besides, who doesn’t want to lug big things about?

However, when sweating, your money belt won’t soak up perspiration as a neck wallet. However, if you wear it beneath your clothing, this wouldn’t be a problem. Apparently, a waist belt is more comfortable. 

  • Convenience 

For consumers, it’s simpler to make payments using mobile wallets since they are readily available and handy. Many people prefer them to lugging around actual wallets and cash while shopping. It’s convenient for them to make in-store transactions. 

In contrast, You can wear a neck wallet as a necklace and have easier access than waist wallets. Generally, a neck wallet comes with a large pouch feature. 

  • Price

In comparison to neck wallets, money belts tend to be pricier. You can get some of the finest neck wallets on Amazon, which usually cost between $7 and $17. For a look at the best travel neck wallet, check out this article. 

In contrast, money belts range from $12 to $25. The question is whether the ease, security, and comfort benefits justify the price. 

Besides all these factors, investigating the wallet’s build and quality is a priority. Since you’ll be wearing your wallet or waist belt all day, whether on the go or just sitting, it should be well-made and comfy. 

Ensure the money belt has an adjustable waist and feels soft on your skin. Soft, long-lasting, and easy to clean, silk is a fantastic option.  


What is your pick from this guide on money belts vs neck wallets? 

A neck wallet is a fantastic choice if you’re trying to save money. Thieves can easily point out money belts. However, neck wallets tend to be less noticeable. 

Also, consider the ease it provides. Is a strap around the waist more comfortable for a lengthy period? Or do you want to carry it on your neck?


Is It Better To Travel With A Money Belt Or Purse?

Since would-be robbers can’t take what they can’t see, a money belt levels the playing field. This is why a money belt offers superior security over purses or wallets. 

What Can I Use Instead Of a Money Belt?

While money belts may not be the most fashionable travel accessory, they may be very helpful in preventing pickpockets from stealing your cash and belongings, particularly in areas prone to such crimes. But there are other options available, such as stash belt, bra stash, neck pouch, and hidden pocket,