Luxury Vacation in Greece

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Vacationing in Greece is a truly unforgettable experience that includes a rich blend of history, breathtaking nature, traditional cuisine, and warm hospitality. The versatility of the country boasts numerous attractions. From the bustling capital city of Athens with its ancient ruins like the iconic Acropolis and Parthenon to the picture-perfect islands like the renowned Mykonos and Santorini. The mainland is home to historic sites such as Delphi, Olympia, and Mycenae that have fascinated generations with their captivating mythology and heritage. A journey to Greece is incomplete without indulging in traditional dishes like souvlaki, pastitsio, tzatziki, Greek salad, and baklava, along with the must-try local wines and creamy Greek yogurt drizzled with honey. To top it all of, the country's mesmerizing coastline offers endless opportunities for relaxation on sandy beaches and swimming in crystal-clear waters. As the birthplace of Western civilization, Greece's historical, religious, and cultural sites are essentials, making it a truly enriching destination.

A trip to Greece can be an extraordinary and unforgettable experience for those seeking luxury. The endlessness of ancient history, vibrant culture, breathtaking landscapes, and warm hospitality that will leave a lasting impact on your journey. From opulent resorts and indulgent spas to lavish hotels and upscale shopping destinations, there is no shortage of exclusive experiences to enjoy. And for those looking to splurge, Greece offers an abundance of luxury jewellers and extravagant products, as well as exquisite cuisine, cosmetics, and natural goods known for their exceptional quality.

One of the most necessary aspects of Greeks’ every day routine is drinking coffee. A standout element of the natives’ coffee culture is their preference for "Greek coffee" or "Ellinikos kafes" (Ελληνικός καφές), a bold and robust brew made using a special pot called a "briki" or "cezve." This traditional method involves combining finely ground coffee beans, water, and sometimes sugar to create a strong and flavorful drink.

First, the mixture is gently heated and allowed to foam without reaching a boiling point. Once prepared, it is typically served in a small cup along with a glass of cold water. A must-do activity in Greece is visiting the local Coffeehouses, known as "kafeneia" (καφενεία), which have been deeply ingrained in the country's culture for centuries. These establishments provide a space for people to gather, catch up with friends, discuss current affairs, indulge in board games, or simply unwind with a cup of coffee. Kafeneia can be found in all corners of the nation, from bustling cities to quaint villages. For Greeks, coffee is not just about getting a boost of energy, it’s their culture for countless years. Coffee breaks are a significant part of the daily routine, with many people enjoying multiple cups of coffee throughout the day. There is a wide variety of coffeehouses with unique themes and a vintage feel, but one thing is certain, they all provide a cozy setting and serve some of the finest quality coffee, allowing visitors to truly savor their experience in Greece.

Nightclubs, which are known for their lively atmosphere and mix of traditional and modern music, are popular entertainment venues. They often showcase a variety of music genres including traditional Greek music like bouzouki and laiko, as well as contemporary music like pop, rock, hip-hop, and electronic dance music (EDM). A significant aspect of the nightclub experience is dancing, with both traditional Greek dances like zeibekiko and hasapiko, and more modern styles being common. Nightclubs usually have a dress code and patrons are encouraged to dress stylishly, especially in upscale establishments. Some of these venues often stay open until the early hours of the morning. The nightlife in Greece is known for its long and lively hours, with nightclubs being found in major cities and popular tourist destinations throughout the country. They offer a dynamic and fun experience that combines traditional Greek culture with modern entertainment. Whether you're in the mood for dancing, live music, or simply soaking in the energetic atmosphere, Greece's nightlife has something for everyone, particularly those looking for a dynamic and local experience.

Discover Greece’s ceaseless beaty by adding just a few guidelines in your itinerary. Begin your exceptional adventure in the vibrant city of Athens, where you will encounter ancient marvels such as the Acropolis and the Parthenon. Delight in the city's endless shopping opportunities, from charming boutiques to high-end designer stores. Indulge in the opulent dining scene, savoring traditional Greek cuisine at renowned upscale restaurants. Immerse yourself in the local culture by dining on delectable seafood at a charming taverna by the sea. Enhance your experience with private tours of historical sites led by knowledgeable guides. Satisfy your taste buds with wine tastings at picturesque vineyards.

Experience pure relaxation and luxury at one of the many high-end resorts in Greece, where you can treat yourself to spa services including massages, aromatotherapy, and thalassotherapy. Spend your days unwinding by a pool or on a pristine beach, basking in the warm sun and watching the stunning sunsets over the sea. To make your trip even more unforgettable, embark on a luxurious island-hopping adventure through the Greek Islands on one of ‘s elegant catamaran yachts. These state-of-the-art vessels offer all the comforts of a 5-star hotel, ensuring a comfortable and stylish experience. Allow our professional crew to guide you on a journey of a lifetime, showing you the hidden gems and local hotspots of each island. There's truly nothing quite like exploring the idyllic Greek Islands on a unique and authentic catamaran sailing experience in Greece .