Lost Weight And Feeling Less Like Yourself? You’re Not Alone!

Lost Weight And Feeling Less Like Yourself? You’re Not Alone!

Lost Weight And Feeling Less Like Yourself? You’re Not Alone! 

Losing weight is often seen as an amazing achievement, and rightly so, given how much hard work and self-restraint it can take. However, one phenomenon that very few people talk about is how isolating it can be, and how you might not feel like yourself afterwards.

While many people are aware of body grief after gaining weight, you might not realise that you can also struggle after losing it. As you get your body towards an ideal weight, you might start to feel like the effort isn’t worth it, or that you’re not enjoying the process. 

Don’t worry- you’re not alone! There are many people who deal with the same issues as you, and it’s not that uncommon. It’s also not insurmountable, so keep reading for some simple ways to manage your mental wellbeing after weight loss. 

Surround Yourself With The Right People

One major issue many people face when revealing their post-weight loss journey body to the world is the mixed reactions. Some people might be very supportive, while others are less so. Even those who are trying to be kind might accidentally say something that’s actually not particularly nice. So, you need to make sure you surround yourself with people who have good intentions, and that you set boundaries on what they can and can’t talk about or ask. It might seem extreme, but this approach can help you to reduce the chances of serious mental stress arising from social occasions. 

Find Ways To Love Your Body Again 

After weight loss, your body can change significantly, and it might take time and work to get it to look its best again. For example, your breasts may sag as a result of the weight loss, especially if you drop a lot of weight. In this case, you might want to consider a breast uplift. Leading breast surgeons like Andrew Pieri offer breast lifts that can improve the shape and look of your breasts, which may help improve your body confidence. You’ll then be able to enjoy your new look and start feeling at home in your body. 

Focus On Activities Over Appearance 

It’s easy to fixate on how your body looks after you lose weight, but try to focus instead on the things you can now do. This might include sports or going to fancy parties and not feeling embarrassed. Focusing on these positives instead of staring into the mirror can help you to reframe your anxieties and start to enjoy life now that you’ve lost some weight. While your weight isn’t the be-all and end-all, losing weight can be a major life change, so you may need to take some time to adjust your way of thinking. 

Change Your Style

Now you’ve lost weight, the outfits you used to wear might not fit, which means you’ve got some serious shopping to do! As well as finding new garments that you love, consider experimenting with new styles and clothing types. It’s important that you dress for your body type as well as your style, so explore all the options and find ways to rejuvenate your look. You might then find that you enjoy your appearance more with a completely new style. 

Be Patient 

When a major change happens, such as significant weight loss, it can take time to adjust to your new look and the way your body feels. Don’t rush yourself: take your time and try not to get frustrated. While other people might seem like they’ve got it all together, you don’t know how they feel on the inside. Try to remain positive and do as much as possible to manage your feelings. These tips should help, but remember to try different ones and not to rush the process. Eventually, you’ll begin to feel more like yourself again and improve your confidence.