Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends 2024

Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends 2024

The most noticeable aspect of a kitchen is the color of the cabinets. While storage and layout are also crucial, the chosen kitchen style determines the overall look.

When choosing kitchen cabinet colors, be sure to select shades that are both modern and timeless. As you can see from these trends, the current kitchen cabinet colors are classic shades that will remain stylish for years. Kitchen trends for 2024, as well as trends in general, prioritize the creation of timeless spaces that are functional and livable.

Currently, these shades present a variety of neutral tones that are a subtle departure from the traditional white or grey. Even the emerging bold shades are versatile and easily incorporated into a living space without looking overwhelming. While this may seem prudent, the range of kitchen cabinet colors presented here is wide enough to provide various references.


1. Light Sky Blue

Navy blue has always been the kitchen color of choice. However, while blue is still a popular color for kitchen cabinets, a trend is toward lighter shades. Subtle sky blue is an ideal choice for kitchens because it balances the busy, bustling atmosphere while maintaining a sense of tranquillity.

This shade may seem similar to pastel colours, but maintains a strong sense of elegance and sophistication, especially when paired with the right hardware and decorative items. The use of rustic tiles adds a touch of texture and dimension to the sophisticated palette. In contrast, the addition of gold knobs adds a touch of refinement.

2. Forest Green

Homeowners are breaking away from traditional white or wood cabinets in favor of bold navy blue or rich emerald green for a bold yet elegant style. In addition, two-tone cabinets are becoming increasingly popular, with base and wall cabinets painted in complementary or contrasting colors, adding layers and visual appeal to the kitchen.

Note also the shiny look of these kitchen cabinets. This is an important trend that is making a comeback in 2024. Vibrant jewel tones or darker shades with a glossy finish are becoming increasingly popular. As you can see, they’re not as striking as they sound.


3. Adding Wood

The black and white kitchen cabinet trend is coming back in 2024. However, it follows the current trend in interior design for a more natural and soothing approach. The striking beauty of white, wood, and black kitchens is sophisticated and bold. Adding wood elements brings warmth and softness to an otherwise all-white kitchen.


4. Sage Green

The popularity of green has been indisputable over the past year. This vibrant, uplifting hue is emerging as the go-to for kitchen cabinets. This hue transcends the grey tones that have dominated for so long. Green kitchens also reflect our love of incorporating greenery and houseplants into our homes, creating a natural and organic atmosphere that permeates every room, including the kitchen.

The era of grey is being replaced by green, which may be ending in the strictest sense of the word. Various greens dominate it, including emerald, lime, forest, pistachio, emerald, and sage.

Fresh colors with earthy tones are perfect for cooking as they evoke a sense of nourishment and vitality. The mossy tones make a strong impact when paired with polished brass hardware and sleek white countertops. Adding just a splash of color by painting the island is a clever way to inject color into a typical neutral kitchen, creating a striking and captivating focal point without going all out with a green color scheme.


5. Black

Painting entryways and living rooms in black has been a popular trend in interior design for the past few years. This love of darker shades extends to kitchens, where cabinets are also beginning to be painted in midnight black and inky black, creating a dramatic atmosphere. To add a touch of elegance, dark woods, and patterned marble can be incorporated to create a sophisticated aesthetic that exudes sophistication rather than Gothicism.

While black kitchens only emerged a few years ago, and people were initially reluctant to try them, the trend has become hugely popular. The style is reminiscent of New York’s late-night bars, speakeasies, and eateries. To achieve this look, consider painting large luxury kitchen cabinets and a wide kitchen island black. Opt for marble kitchen ideas and brass hardware to add a touch of elegance. Add various textural elements throughout the space to create a subtle and soft aesthetic.

Black is a popular choice with the growing trend for darker, moody, and dramatic kitchens. To create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, incorporating soft earth tones and using natural materials can balance the darkness and maintain a strong aesthetic.


6. White


Bright white, beige, soft white and cream cabinets are timeless and popular for various kitchen styles, from contemporary to country rustic. These neutrals are versatile because they can be used with various countertop materials, brass fixtures, and wall tones.

We predict an increase in the use of warm neutrals, natural wood elements, and texture layering. This trend is driven by a desire to create a more cozy, authentic, and serene atmosphere in the home. Most people prefer a combination of blonde and warm-toned woods, beige cabinets, and tactile stone surfaces in their kitchen designs. This trend is expected to continue, incorporating features such as reeded glass, bronze finishes, and natural stone flooring.


7. Yellow


A yellow kitchen brings instant pleasure. Adding yellow cabinets is a simple but effective way to brighten up your home and put a smile on your face every day. In 2024, all shades of yellow are in vogue in home design, from warm mustards and deep ochres to vibrant saffron, fresh primrose, and welcoming lemons.

Soft yellows, vibrant greens, and delicate pinks can create a light and open feel in the kitchen. This effect is even more pronounced if the kitchen has open shelves for plants, flowers, and treasures, as they bring a sense of freshness and new beginnings to our homes.