Doom Piles And Depression Rooms: Why It May Feel Impossible To Clear The Clutter

Doom Piles And Depression Rooms: Why It May Feel Impossible To Clear The Clutter

There is a genuine connection between being messy and mental health. We have provided a few low-lift tips to help maintain a clean home.

A camera that rotates around in the bedroom of Abegael Milot. The floor has been covered with a pile of clothes. About four big plastic baskets are placed on each other, filled with electronics and laundry. On the desk, beside the table lays eight cups of coffee. Two half-empty water bottles on the floor, such as a pet food dispenser, and a bottle of tequila containing a glass cactus.

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Abbe Lucia, a 24-year-old YouTube celeb told the camera that the depressing room would be cleaned and the only way the room would be cleaned is if it was filmed.

The word “depression room” is quite new, and popularly used in YouTube and TikTok videos that generated millions of views. However, scientists have discovered the connection between mental health and messiness. The mess that starts accumulating when individuals have mental health problems does not usually come as a result of laziness or any form of hoarding. According to a recognized research professor of psychology at Florida State University, N. Brad Schmidt stated that it is caused by severe fatigue.

Dr. Schmidt indicated that people usually get physically and mentally tired that they find it difficult to care for their surroundings and themselves. They are unable to carry out the required maintenance of their house and surroundings like they usually did.

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A clustered home can add to the feeling of being stressed, overwhelmed, and shame, which can make an individual feel worse than they do. Even though clearing the mess won’t solve the depressed state, it can improve mood. If you have issues with keeping your surroundings clean, we have highlighted a couple of methods to strategically clean your surroundings to improve your space and energy.

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Concentrate more on function, not appearance.

Based on KC Davis, an accredited counselor, and author of “How to keep home while drowning”, she had a severe clutter problem after she gave birth to her second child in the year 2020. She said that she has always been messy but it was always functional but now that this is joined with the pressure of having a baby, a pandemic, and postpartum depression, she would be in over her head without implementing a system.

Although she tried very much to clear the mess, Ms. Davis began uploading the progress she was making on TikTok, which has grown to about 1.5 million followers. Being put off by many of the cleaning and self-help contents available that she refers to as boot camp messaging, she decided to seek a simpler but pragmatic method. The goal of her system is to concentrate more on creating a space that is livable, not spotless.

Five things tidying is one of the strategies she uses. The concept here is to have only five things in any room; dishes, laundry, trash, things without a place, and things with a place. Concentrating on one area at a time helps her from getting overwhelmed, especially when it appears like there are several things that need to be re-arranged.

Ms. Davis also advocates for what she refers to as “closing duties, motivated at a time when she was a waitress. Every evening, she Is usually too tired to clean the entire kitchen so she would carry out a few simple tasks to help her get accustomed and achieve success in the morning.

She stated that she forget the concept of all or nothing and began to focus more on the function whenever she wants to clean. Whenever she remembers those things that must be done in the morning, it helps her become more specific she ensures that there is sufficient counter space and clean dishes to make breakfast, remove crumbs and empty the trash. She continued that the huge tasks she sees before her, will only take 20 minutes of her day.

For individuals finding it difficult. Ms. Davis, illustrated that even though it might appear so big, it is important for everybody to keep their environment clean and comfortable. You can use paper plates or simply clean a couple of plates if you are too tired to do the entire dishes. You can also avoid folding your clothes if you are overwhelmed by the many steps involved in doing your laundry. A wrinkled cloth never hurt anyone.