Tips on Assessing a Good Clinic for Laser Tattoo Removal

Tips on Assessing a Good Clinic for Laser Tattoo Removal

If you have a tattoo you need gone, you have options. Maybe it is old or it might just no longer be something you want. Where once tattoos were a permanent decision, now thanks to advances in technology you can get them removed. But to do this you need to find a professional and reputable laser tattoo removal service. With so many chances and advances in recent years, it is important to do some research to make sure you choose a great clinic. That way you know you will be treated by the best and have the latest and safest techniques applied. Here are some tips on assessing a good clinic for laser tattoo removal.


Do they offer a consultation to explain things?

One of the things to look for is whether they offer a consultation appointment. That way you have an opportunity to explain what you need and they can go through the process with you including timing. They can also assess your health to make sure it is fine to go through the process of removal. For you, it is an opportunity to have a look around and assess things. For example, their level of professionalism and knowledge, their communication skills and how clean the clinic is. Do you feel comfortable there? They should look at your skin type, talk about issues that might impact the success of the treatment and talk about the kind of aftercare you need to do after each session. Based on your details they should also give you an idea about how many sessions it will take.


Do they have the latest in technology?

You will then need to consider the type of technology they use to remove tattoos. Laser equipment continues to evolve over the years so the latest options are the best in terms of how effective they are. They use wavelengths to break down the pigments in the skin. Different colors require the technician to combine different wavelengths. There tends to be a choice of two types of technology, PicoSure and Q-Switched. The former uses one wavelength at 755 so it means it is not as effective at targeting some colors, particularly red and orange. Q-Switched has multiple wavelengths and can handle the removal of a multicolored tattoo more easily. As there is no thermal contact it means the risk for skin damage is much reduced. Find a clinic that uses Q-Switched technology if possible.


Do they have experienced and certified technicians?

You should always make sure the clinic has been around for a few years and has experienced technicians who are qualified and certified. It ensures you receive the best care and get the best outcome possible with your sessions.



Tattoo removal is far easier than it ever has been thanks to developments in laser technology. But how sessions go is also dependent on having a clinic like Renude Laser Clinic that uses expert technicians with experience and skill. Use these tips to find a good clinic and you can get on with removing that tattoo so it no longer bothers you.