How Do You Start A Live Call on Instagram

How Do You Start A Live Call on Instagram

How Do You Start A Live Call on Instagram

Do you have a constant fear of going live on Instagram? Well, then, you are not alone. We are on the same page. Every famous influencer or content creator might think of going live on Instagram. After all, who wouldn't like to interact with the audience?

You know you have a good number of followers, then what are you waiting for? Start a live call on Instagram. Wondering how to? Well, we have got that covered for you. I am presenting a detailed step-by-step guide to help you start a live video call on Instagram. However, if you’re struggling on Instagram to establish a strong presence, we recommend you visit Social Zinger to grow online and build a big following on Instagram.  So, let us begin.


Understanding the term Instagram Live

It was in 2016 that Instagram launched one of its most powerful features, Instagram Live. Here, a person can instantly go live and live stream to all their followers in real time.

Wondering how you can do this? Log on to your Instagram account using your phone, and select the live button option. Why did we say, Use your phone? This feature is unavailable on a desktop, so you need your phone to access it.

What are the Benefits of using Instagram Live Feature

If you want to connect with your followers or engage with them, look no further than the Instagram live feature. With the help of this beautiful feature, you can, without any hassle, show off your work or anything else you like to the world.

You will encounter interactions with the followers, which can be a powerful way to increase your followers. You will enjoy it as well as provide valuable content to your followers.


Now, coming to the question, how do go live on Instagram

As we told you above, you need your mobile phones, and desktops won’t work with live features. You can use either Android or an iPhone. Now let us understand the steps: 

  • Log on to your Instagram account, and on the top right corner of this application, you will see the ‘+’ button. All you need to do is click on that icon, the + button.
  • On the left side of the application, you will find some options, such as adding a title or branded partners and choosing the appropriate broadcast audience. Initially, if you want, you can practice one for yourself before you go live.
  • Now, you will find multiple filters that you can select. Great, isn't it?
  • Go down, and you will find a record button in the center. Press the record button, and you are all set.

Some tips that will help you go live on Instagram hassle-free

  • Make sure to prepare yourself before you go live. Remember, practice makes perfect.
  • If you want, you can also develop and boost your content in advance.
  • Set up a place that has good lighting.
  • Stick to 60 minutes; do not try to increase the duration. That is the limit of any live session. You cannot exceed that.
  • Create an outline of your live session.
  • While answering the questions of the audience or followers, make sure to address them with their names.
  • Always be very friendly, remember that the people you are interacting with are your friends, and interact the same way you do with your friends.
  • Do not try to sell your product through a live session, but promote it. You are informing them about your service or product, not trying to sell
  • Broadcast at a time when your followers are most active.
  • Ensure your phone is adequately charged. Remember, your phone is everything. If it goes off, you might lose your live session or broadcast.
  • If you think that there are specific questions that you think your followers might ask, inform them initially.
  • In the end, do not forget to rehearse. Do not just start randomly.


Are there any don'ts that one should be careful of:

Of course, if there are dos, there must be certain don'ts. Here we have put down below for you:

  • Do not broadcast too frequently; give some breaks in between, and when you do it, make sure you are doing it with purpose.
  • Avoid going to a noisy place when you are broadcasting.
  • Keep the phone in one place; do not move or shake it.
  • Do not pitch in terms of sales; remember, you are here to promote your brand to the public and not to sell it to them.
  • You have to keep your audience engaged; otherwise, they will leave.
  • Try not to go live at odd hours.
  • Do not get into fights with any followers.

If you plan to start a live call on Instagram, I hope these points and the tips above will help you.

Now that your live session has ended, what to do next?

If you think Instagram automatically saves your live session, then you are wrong; it doesn't. So you have to be very sure that you download and save it. How do I do that? You will find the save IGTV option on the app; just click on that, and your live session will be saved.

Next, you can share this as a story on Instagram with the audience that was not part of your session.

How do I manage and preside over the comments during the live session or live stream?

Coming to this question, obviously, if you are live, your audience might put up comments. But if you want to restrict that, you can simply turn off comments, but do this before going live. This will prevent the audience or followers from posting the comments.

But if you want to keep it open, do not forget to reply to those comments by addressing them with their names.

Is there any specific time that one should go live on Instagram?

This falls under your IGTV analytics. This gives you details, thorough insights, and the date and time your followers are most active.


Now that we have ended, we believe that we have provided you with enough information on how to start a live call on Instagram. These powerful tips and guidance will help you plan your livestream in the best possible way.