5 Tips for Preparing for Facial Cosmetic Surgery

5 Tips for Preparing for Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Facial plastic surgery is considered the epitome of treatments for regaining your youthful glow. Remarkably, a single procedure can lead to profound and enduring results for both men and women. The process of recovery post-surgery, once a significant challenge, has been greatly eased due to the application of contemporary techniques that diminish discomfort, side effects, and overall recovery duration. While each surgical procedure is distinct, thorough planning and preparation can pave the way for a complication-free and smooth recuperation. Here are five tips on preparing for facial cosmetic surgery.

Discuss Your Medication Concerns with Your Surgeon

It’s crucial to inform your plastic surgeon about any prescription drugs or herbal enhancements you’re currently consuming during your preliminary discussion. If there’s a chance that the drug or supplement you’re taking could interfere with the surgical procedure, your medical professional will suggest that you temporarily cease its use before the surgery; the stoppage period will depend on the specific drug. The rationale behind this precaution is that certain drugs and enhancements can introduce surgical complications. For instance, an anticoagulant could lead to severe and risky bleeding.

Research Your Plastic Surgeon

Selecting a proficient, seasoned and reputable board-certified plastic surgeon is crucial for your successful outcome. Ensure you verify their qualifications on their website and conduct a Google search to find any existing reviews.

During your consultation appointment, request before and after images of the procedure(s) you are considering. The surgeons, like those at Dr. Jay Calvert plastic surgery clinic, will attentively consider your concerns and objectives, and explain how your procedure will be conducted and the anticipated results.

Organize a Support Network and Assistance for After Surgery

No one is expected to embark on any journey alone. This is particularly true regarding the transformative journey of cosmetic surgery. Have a strong support network to help ease any pre-surgery worries and offer practical assistance after the operation.

Ensure you have a reliable friend or family member who can handle transportation on the day of your surgery and assist with immediate post-operative care. Emotional backing is also pivotal in ensuring a smooth recovery, making healing less challenging and more pleasant.

Getting Your Home Ready for Post-operative Recovery

Besides securing personal support, it’s vital for patients to meticulously arrange for their post-operative home requirements. Choose your recovery location wisely, considering stair accessibility and proximity to a bathroom.

Ensure your surroundings are tidy, well-arranged, and free from stress. Equip the area with ample sources of entertainment like reading materials or a TV, along with bottled water and nutritious snacks. Planning this space will ease your transition back home after surgery.

Attend Your Pre-surgical Assessment Meeting and Clinic Visit

The surgeon will arrange a pre-operative appointment to conduct necessary tests to confirm your health status for the procedure. Your doctor will only proceed with the surgery once these tests have been successfully completed on time. Before the date of your surgery, the surgeon will offer additional guidance. Part of this guidance will include making transportation arrangements as you will be incapacitated for driving post-procedure.


Don’t forget, that cosmetic surgery is a progression, not a single incident. The ultimate effects might need weeks or even months to completely manifest as your body heals and adapts, so patience is crucial.