Top 5 Social Media Platforms Every Girl Should Master

Top 5 Social Media Platforms Every Girl Should Master

We have to admit that social media has transformed the way we live, work, interact, and even do business. Originally designed as a platform to connect and interact with people, social media’s role has expanded and grown. It’s no longer used for personal communication and interaction, but it’s proven handy for effective business marketing and sales. If you understand which platform is right for you, not only you can enjoy an effective system, but you can also expect your business to grow. 

Why Does It Matter?

Why socialmediagirls should know the right platform for them? First of all, you should know that each platform is different from one another. Facebook, for instance, is often dubbed as the social media for the ‘older generations’, such as the millennials, while TikTok as the newer platform is considered more suitable for the younger generation, such as generation Z. 

Second, each platform has their own specialties and signature styles. X, for instance, is exclusively designed for short written sentences while Instagram is great for images and photos. TikTok is perfect for videos, while LinkedIn is especially created for professional users and usage. When you know which algorithm would be perfect for your needs, especially for your business, you can utilize it at the best level. And it can be helpful for your business – and its development. So, which social media that you should focus on?


Do you know that TikTok users are mostly female? Around 57% of the users are female, with 43% of the worldwide users fall within the age of 18 to 24. Since the first launch, TikTok is about video contents, which are probably one of the reasons for its huge popularity. When compared to Instagram, you can make longer videos. The share feature can also help making your videos viral. 

It’s true that most social media platforms are now enabling video contents, but again, TikTok has already created a strong presence through its video content focus since the beginning. If you want to reach business success, you should consider creating TikTok account and start making videos. 


The platform may have started off as this ‘little app’ with filters, just for the sake of having fun. But it has gained wider spread, causing it to grow in popularity. The platform now has 319 million of users, with 54% of them are female. 

Although this app is deemed as the app for young person (the majority of the users are between 15 and 25 years old), it’s still a popular app amongst female users. One unique signature style about the platform is its on-the-go characteristics. It means that most people use it when they are traveling or going somewhere (such as daily commute). Moreover, they also use it when they want to engage with friends. 

You can make use of this app to promote your business. You can use it as a part of your everyday activities, where you can show your followers your commute to your workplace or a little thing you do at work. 


Think of Pinterest as an online pin board. You can basically pin images or anything to boards, helping not only yourself, but also other users to get better images or visualization of something. Pinterest is mostly popular for homewares topics, along with food and fashion. The majority of the users are female, reaching 77.1%.

Pinterest would be a great platform is you want to target female market and your brand is mostly visual. It’s also perfect for target markets in sub and urban areas. You just need to be creative and visually focused. 


Humans are basically visual creatures. They prefer images because the images can deliver longer lasting effects instead of written forms. After all, since the first launch, Instagram has been focusing on images contents. 

Social media girls should be creative about utilizing their Instagram account for business. Now, you can make use not only images, but also videos on the platform. Not to mention that the platform always updates its features, including website click through or collaboration. Considering that Instagram is one of the most popular platforms after Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube, you can achieve great results if you know how to manage it right. 


This is probably one of the ‘oldest’ social platforms that still exists. If you want to expand or grow your business, using Facebook is highly possible. Think of Facebook as the world’s busiest and biggest marketplace, so when you set up a ‘shop’ there, it will affect your business. 

Moreover, Facebook is dominated by female users, reaching 54.7% of female when compared to the 45.3% male. However, if you decide to use Facebook as your platform, you need to remember that all businesses may have the same idea as you. People can get easily lost in this ‘world’. So, you need to make your business unique and different from the others.


You can always go with more than one platform, but then again, you will have to focus on only one, in the end. Managing social media isn’t easy, so focus on the important one. Only by doing so, you can create a bigger and stronger presence without overdoing it.