Tips for adding diamonds to your everyday look

Tips for adding diamonds to your everyday look

Tips for adding diamonds to your everyday look 

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Once you’ve sorted your hair out and finally decided on an outfit for the evening, adding some sparkle through a selection of diamonds is a great thing to do. In fact, whether you’re hoping to have a memorable Saturday night out or you’re meeting friends during the day, diamonds can add to your everyday look rather beautifully. Diamonds aren’t always easy to incorporate into a specific look, though, but it’s certainly possible. 

In 2023, keeping your diamonds hidden away in a jewelry box is not the done thing. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see people don diamonds on a daily basis, perhaps with a subtle number on the wrist or a more extravagant product around the neck. Essentially, people love to wear diamonds. We’re regularly reminded of their sparkle through a selection of different offerings, too, be it a fashionable celebrity at a red carpet event like the Met Gala, an iconic Bond movie like Diamonds Are Forever, or luxury-themed games such as Towering Fortunes. Diamonds are everywhere, and they should be, especially for people wanting to spruce up their everyday look. 

With more and more people adding diamonds to an outfit on a daily basis, let’s look at some ways that you can do the same. 

Always keep it casual 

Of course, there is a fine line between wearing diamonds in an attractive manner and looking a bit silly with an extravagant diamond-filled look. With that in mind, always keep your diamond look to a minimum and add small pieces that provide enough sparkle, be it a diamond pendant or a delightful pair of diamond earrings. Keeping it casual is a necessity with diamonds unless you’re attempting to turn heads in a potentially negative manner. 

Don’t be afraid of colour 

A common mistake many people make is by adding a wave of high-quality diamonds,s but with no color to help them really sing. With that in mind, don’t be afraid to add colorful pieces alongside your sparkling diamonds. For instance, some people opt for colored enamel or bright gemstones to elevate a diamond look. Diamonds pair perfectly with a range of colors, after all, making the addition of some colorful pieces a worthwhile thing to do. 

Don’t always go big 

Another issue with wearing diamonds is that some people tend to purchase bold pieces that stand out too much and look ridiculous on a wrist or neck. As such, always assess the diamonds you have at your disposal and consider wearing smaller items. After all, a perfectly cut small diamond can bring as much sophistication as a gigantic piece while also bringing a touch of subtle elegance that can elevate a look hugely and help you smash through the week looking your very best. 

Keep tabs on the latest trends 

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From celebrities at red-carpet events to interviews on the big screen, famous faces regularly wear diamonds and bring new looks to the world. A great way of gaining some additional ideas around your future diamond-themed looks is by keeping tabs on the latest celebrity trends, with diamonds being incorporated into a number of notable outfits over the years. A particularly good option, if you’re keen to look the best at a party, following the latest fashion trends around diamonds, will enable you to steal the show. 

One is enough

Although it can be tempting to add a number of sparkling pieces to your look, simplicity is key when it comes to pulling off diamonds on a daily basis. For example, adding one casual piece to your work outfit will give you a sense of elegance, whereas adding more could spoil things.