Ten Methods Of Ensuring That Your Facility Can Withstand Heavy Storms

Ten Methods Of Ensuring That Your Facility Can Withstand Heavy Storms

Ensuring that your facility can withstand heavy storms can be done any time, especially as this region is situated within the hurricane season. Ten methods that can be implemented to guarantee that your facility is in the best shape of withstanding heavy storms have been highlighted below.

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  1. Ensure that items that could damage your gutters, roof, and roof drains are clear as they could rapidly impede the flow of water draining from the building.
  2. Ensure that the covers of the roof vent are firmly in place and fasten any loose or dislocated parapet cover.
  3. Carry out an assessment of the ceilings in the buildings and take note of stained regions which would be evaluated for leaks in relation to the stains that show after the storm.
  4. Ensure that every window is closed and drip caps are fitted to overexposed doors.
  5. Install plastic as well as every other safety device in areas where heavy downpours could affect the facility.
  6. Ensure that all debris outside the facility has been eliminated and is fully ready for operation.
  7. Check around the building and ensure that any loose side elements are firmly positioned.
  8. Loose site furniture and decorations should be taken indoors or ensure that they are fastened together using a chain or cable.
  9. Lose dead limbs hanging around the facility should be removed and live limbs growing towards the facility should be trimmed annually.
  10. Carry out a Disaster Preparedness and Contingency Planning (DPCP) exercise quarterly. This exercise should involve every validated partner that would be contacted during an emergency, such as your vendors and staff. This exercise would prepare every party involved, such as the vendors, clients, and building personnel, and make them aware of the possible events that could happen during this period.

Maintenance programs that look into many of the issues highlighted above are usually being provided by many roofing companies to help companies prevent future storms.

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Preventive roof maintenance exercises are performing little repairs to stop interior damages as a result of water intrusion, improve the lifespan of the roof system and prevent expensive repairs in the future.

This exercise can be done, annually, semi-annually, and quarterly, depending on the business’ size or situation where the building is surrounded by several trees with numerous debris potential which needs consistent maintenance.

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