How To Style a Signet Ring

How To Style a Signet Ring

How To Style a Signet Ring  

A signet ring is a classic, elegant jewelry that can be simplistic and understated or complex and ornate. The centuries-old piece was once adorned by men as a symbol of prestige and status and can still be used in that same capacity. 

Still, it has grown to be favored by all people for assorted reasons, including accessorizing in fashion. The favored metals of gold or silver are typically engraved depending on individual preference, whether choosing a monogram, a family crest, or another symbol. 

The ring has been traditionally worn on the little finger of the non-dominant hand, but today, people wear it on any finger. The choice of the pinky is due to its minimal activity and little chance for abuse of the ring.  

To avoid a poor appearance and discomfort, the ring should be snugly fitted, albeit comfortable, neither too big nor too small. The ideal way to care for this jewelry is to avoid wearing it when engaging in heavy activity. 

It should be removed when participating in sporting activities, housecleaning, showering, swimming, and on. The piece can become a valuable family heirloom if cared for properly. 

How To Choose a Signet Ring Most Suited for You  

Signet rings trace back centuries, with their introduction primarily meant for men of status who wanted to present their privilege by wearing the jewelry on their little fingers, often with their family crest engraved on the face of a gold or silver metal. 

Nowadays, silver and gold are still favored metals, as is stainless steel for jewelry, with gold being the most popular. 

The reason is the exceptional durability and the opulent appeal. Silver offers a greater affordability and deems a modern feel. Click here for guidance on how to style the signet ring, and then follow here for what wearers look for when searching for the ideal jewelry.  

The engraving  

Individuals often choose to engrave these pieces with their family crest, a monogram, or initials. You’re not limited in how you choose to dress your jewelry. Some people decide to symbolize a milestone like a career achievement or other life event that will have meaning for generations. 

My daughter is a federal police officer, and I plan to honor her accomplishment at such a young age with a signet ring depicting this achievement on her 25th birthday. You should choose a design that you cherish and that others after you will as well. 

The band 

The band width can vary considerably depending on your preference. Some wearers like these to be broad, while others want a narrow, sleek width. As a rule, you want to select a size that works well with your finger size and that of the engraving. 

A large, wide band will consume a small, thin finger. In that same vein, a more pronounced finger fitted with a diminutive ring will discount the jewelry, making it disappear when it should be more of a standout, a focal point, considering the message you want to relay. 

The finish 

An array of finishes is available, including matte, polished, and hammered. Choosing among these is a matter of personal preference. The classic or traditional style is the more polished finish; it’s timeless and capable of being passed from one generation to the next seamlessly. 

The modern choice would be either a hammered or matte look. Both of them are elegant and will easily stand the test of time as well. The priority is quality when choosing the metal, band, or finish. 

These rings are worn regularly by the individual they’re presented to and for generations to come. That means the material needs to be durable and long-lasting.  


A signet ring is valuable, meaning you’ll want to take adequate care of the jewelry. It should be cleaned regularly using a water and mild soap combination. A gentle brush should go over the piece like a soft toothbrush to remove grime, and then rinse with fresh, clear water and dry with a super soft cloth. 

No harsh chemicals should be used on these quality rings. Things like bleach, chlorine, or ammonia need to be avoided. Signet rings should be stored when not worn either in a jewelry chest or a soft cloth sack to prevent the potential for tarnishing, scratches, or other damage. 

 Final Thought 

A signet ring is a piece that, traditionally, men wore in an effort to present their status or privilege. In many cases, these displayed the family crest and were often used to press the crest as a wax seal for important documents.  

The rings are still worn in this capacity and are growing in favor with women. Many people wear the jewelry to accessorize their fashion in addition to using it to signify a purpose. 

You can find an array of stunning pieces at oxfordsignetrings.co.uk, offering a versatility, whether formal or casual, but always an air of sophistication. The priority is knowing how to wear the jewelry, so it becomes the focal point on your finger and with your outfit.