Outward appearance matters a lot, it’s a bitter fact, but this is how world is exploring new avenues in makeup industry. High fashion makeup techniques are advancing gradually and diminishing the presence of traditional makeup. But for sure it will take time, once they clouds of high fashion makeup techniques will be all over. It brings new colors and transformation to old style makeup techniques and application methods.

These unorthodox techniques we see on bill boards, magazine, road class photo shoots always a source of inspiration of enthusiastic artists and designers. It give more liberty to their imaginations and negate the boundaries which are prevailing since many years.

Out of several techniques we will discuss few to improve knowledge and enhance the fashion label in our surroundings

Innovative color utilization

Lively color patterns are followed instead of typical combinations of red, blue, pink and brown. Innovation is reflected in colors which see no boundaries in mixing them, in simple word it always break the color rules and matching standards to develop some new pattern or shade.  They sometimes include colors which are not in paint domain like rust, metallic shade, sometime monochromatic looks variants are also used to evolve new and attractive or eye catching patterns.

Eye Shadow as Liner

The fluffy scattered popular eye makes was in trend this year and was unique in its own way. Not a day’s eyes make is partially but not fully about sharp and cat eyes looks, these days is more mixed shades with soft edges blended with various shades as eye liners a magical source. Further one can variants the using techniques may it be dry or wet it has different outcomes on beauty standards.

Bold Blush

It’s also a high fashion technique which incorporates vivid and unorthodox color techniques and its classical application ways to create a sparkling attractive effect on face. It sides apart with traditional application which aim to make it artistic. May it be any blush type which includes liquid or powder , the bold blush over shadows all in all fields of beauty and best suited in summer to look extra vibrant and shiny among all .

Graphic Liner and Shapes

Make up equipment and items like eyeliners, geometric shapes are frequently used in high makeup fashion techniques. Moreover, face paints also add to the beauty by applying it in right way and figure. It allows makeup artist to evolve in their creativity to show case there inner self in makeup domain. It projects the creative application of the makeup aspects and pools out a person from traditional makeup era.

Texture Play

Discovery or innovation with applying techniques gives a unique result all time. Experiments with glitter, metallic finishes with traditional methods by addition of beads, feathers will give a distinctive effect.

Soft Glowing complexion

Either you use application of full foundation or some additional moisture, one’s aim or final desire is to get a soft and shiny glowing completion. This will come only by a critical combination of vibrant foundations and makeup skill.  This year the trend was shifted from old and traditional thick makeup requirements to basic and gentle layers of radiant skins textures.

Basic products which helps in achieving these make up designs includes sunscreen foundation or buy a foundation that have natural ingredients in its making to be more compatible with skins neutrality .

Electric Eye Look

Graphic texture is currently popular among the exciting youth. It is easily drawing by a light skill technique, using dark eyeliner with some bright one and develops a new cat eye design. Shimmer and pigments usage will add on the beauty and artistic effect to glamourize the whole eye look.

The product which will do this wonder is Colored eyeliner. A precise line by it will do the magic to give a catty looks. It will require a bit sill to make a line more accurate and as per the makeup requirements.

Red Orange Lips

Gone were the days when red lipstick was a fashion symbol. Available bold shade which are warm, orange and several tones. They gives more attractive looks and pops up with flushed cheeks. Application here matters a lot and which shade you are using. Bright lipstick applying is an art, because if compliment the dress and whole face being prominent.

Human Adaptability to High Fashion Techniques

May it be a house wife at home, a teenager in a beauty competition or a professional at work place, women are always eager to look different by using innovations with self-innovative makeup techniques to look different? By this fortunately sometime it becomes a new makeup trend sometime. But this is one aspect, but to learn it in a correct manner some class or education is mandatory to get knowledge of it in a proper manner.















Artist’s involve in this industry always try to think and imagine out of box because they seek innovation and set new boundaries by using combination of products and skills to achieve it. Then they make their new vibrant product available to be accepted with help of trendsetters and make ladies adaptable and acceptable to this new pattern of make-up. Some make up techniques are not seen in daily life style or in daily routines to wear so common. It’s all about creating a sense or vibe of elevated mindset focusing on a different horizon, which thinks and acts in a different manner to awake the sensation in makeup industry to do more research.


The vibrant techniques are projects the cutting edge approach towards the beauty industry, which is building stone of shifting stone of technology from old to new or conventional to unconventional. They are more attractive with amalgamation or simple inter mixing of colors and products by pushing the boundaries and thinking a slight out of world in imaginations. Fashion house like Dior, Chanel and many more are changing trends in using innovative methods to attract clients and making a makeup industry a new hub for several experiments. Visit Be in The Fashion for more fashion updates.