Ever wonder if your personal information is safe at pawn shops in AZ

Ever wonder if your personal information is safe at pawn shops in AZ

People have been using local pawn shops for thousands of years to trade their items for 

cash. It is a safe, simple process. You bring in items you wish to sell or pawn and you 

can walk out with a pawn loan against the value of the items or cash if you sell your 

items outright. 

However, you may wonder when making a transaction at a pawn shop, do they keep a 

record of your personal information; and if they do, how long do they retain your 

information? Plus, do they keep information in a safe setting.

How pawn shops work?

Pawnbrokers take in a wide range of items from their customers on a daily basis

including gold, silver, and platinum jewelry, diamond and other gemstone jewelry, gold 

and silver coins, watches, and other valuable items. Some pawn shops in AZ also offer 

title loans on cars or motorcycles. These items can be used as collateral to secure a 

pawn loan based on the value of the items or the pawn shop may buy the items outright 

to resell. You make the choice as to how to proceed.

Over the years pawn shops have developed an excellent working relationship with local 

law enforcement agencies so that they can avoid accidentally taking in stolen items. 

As part of this you will need to provide a government-issued photo ID. Pawn brokers 

also prefer that you bring in anything that proves that you own the item. Obviously this 

may be difficult on inherited or gifted items but old appraisals, repair bills in your name, 

original packaging, and any other item you think could help should be brought along 

when you present the items to the pawn shop.

The pawn shop keeps a detailed log of every new item that comes into their inventory 

and submits it to a nationwide database that police departments monitor on a daily 

basis. The police watch for any items being placed into the database that could match 

police reports from local robberies. Law enforcement authorities routinely have the 

ability to download information about the items pawned or sold to the pawn shop as well 

as the description and identification of the person that sold or pawned items to the pawn 


Pawn stores are regulated by county, state, and federal regulations and laws. Some of 

the information they collect on you may be requirements of these laws. Feel free to ask 

about why they are asking for a certain bit of information but don’t be surprised if all they 

can say is that they have to have a certain state or county form completely filled out. 

Depending on how often you are in the pawn store and your interactions with the store’s 

staff you may realize that they take in almost as much information on someone who 

purchases an item as on the person who sold the item to the store. This gives one last 

way to contact the person in possession of the item if it takes extra time to determine 

that the item is a stolen item.

How long are records on file?

How long a pawn shop keeps records may be limited to the software (or lack thereof) 

used in that pawn shop. State or county laws may apply. The law varies by state 

regarding how long records must be retained and what information is required when 

pawning or selling merchandise to a pawn shop. On average, records are kept between 

3 to 5 years. After that certain period of time, pawn shops discard personal information 

by shredding paper records or permanently deleting electronic records from their 

computer systems in order to protect your personal information from being stolen or 

otherwise compromised. 

If you notice something questionable or have a question about the security of your 

personal information do not hesitate to ask questions. A reputable pawn broker will 

have no problem with describing their operations and answering your questions. They 

want you to feel comfortable dealing with their business and won’t have anything to 


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