A Guide to Finding the Perfect Tobacco E-Liquid Flavors

A Guide to Finding the Perfect Tobacco E-Liquid Flavors

A Guide to Finding the Perfect Tobacco E-Liquid Flavors

If you are a vaper who loves the taste of tobacco, you might be wondering how to find the best tobacco eliquid flavors that suit your preferences and expectations. With so many options available on the market, it can be hard to decide which one to try and which one to avoid. In this guide, we will help you narrow down your choices and give you some tips on how to enjoy the most authentic and satisfying tobacco vaping experience.

What Makes a Good Tobacco E-Liquid Flavor?

A good tobacco eliquid flavor delivers a realistic and satisfying tobacco taste, without any artificial or chemical aftertaste. It should also have a smooth and balanced throat hit, and a pleasant aroma that complements the flavor. A good tobacco eliquid flavor should also be compatible with your device and your preferred nicotine strength.

Many factors affect the quality and taste of tobacco eliquid flavors, such as:

  • The source and extraction method of the tobacco leaves
  • The blend and ratio of different tobacco varieties
  • The addition of other ingredients, such as sweeteners, flavorings, or menthol
  • The steeping time and process of the eliquid
  • The PG/VG ratio and nicotine level of the eliquid
  • The type and quality of the coil and wick in your device
  • The wattage and temperature settings of your device

Finding the Perfect Tobacco E-Liquid Flavors

You should, therefore, take into consideration all those aspects and try on several alternatives until you discover one which suits your wishes. Here are some tips to help you with your search:

  • Naturally Extracted Tobacco

Look for tobacco eliquids that use naturally extracted tobacco (NET) from real tobacco leaves, rather than synthetic or artificial flavorings. NET eliquids offer a more authentic and complex tobacco taste and are usually made with high-quality ingredients. One of the best brands that use NET is Black Note, which offers a variety of tobacco eliquid flavors from different regions and curing methods.

  • Tobacco Blends and Varieties

Experiment with several combinations and flavors like Virginia, Burley, Turkish, Perique, as well as Latakia tobacco. Tobacco has features and shades, some of which are more enjoyable as compared to other. You can also combine various tobacco eliquids to achieve a perfect fusion for your preferred e-liquid.

  • PG/VG Ratios and Nicotine Levels

PG is a thinned and transparent solution that bears the taste and throat-hit of the e-juice while VG is a thickened and sweet solution that creates the vapour and smoothness of e-juice. The PG/VG ratio alters the taste, throat hit, vapour production, and viscosity of the liquid. 

  • Steep Your Tobacco Eliquids

Pre-steeping your tobacco eliquids. Steeping is the term used for letting the eliquid stay in a dark and cool environment for a while in order for the flavours to get time to mature and mix. The steeping can enhance taste and quality of the NET e-liquid. Additionally, it gives a better taste compared to other tobacco e-liquids. 

  • Suitable Device and Settings

The device and settings you use can affect the flavor and performance of your tobacco eliquids, as well as your vaping experience. Generally, tobacco eliquids work better with lower wattage and temperature settings and with devices that have a tighter airflow and a higher resistance coil. You should also use a clean and fresh coil and wick, and avoid mixing different flavors in the same device, to avoid flavor contamination and degradation.

How to Enjoy Your Tobacco E-Liquid Flavors

Once you have found the perfect tobacco eliquid flavor for you, you can enjoy it in various ways, such as:

  • Vaping it on its own, for a pure and unadulterated tobacco taste
  • Mixing it with other tobacco eliquids, for a customized and complex tobacco blend
  • Mixing it with other non-tobacco eliquids, such as fruits, desserts, or menthols, for a unique and flavorful combination
  • Pairing it with your favorite food, drink, or activity, for a complementary and enhanced vaping experience


It can be exciting as you find the most suitable tobacco eliquid flavor for you. We hope with these tips and advice that you should be able to pick the right eliquid flavor to satisfy your taste as well as quench your nicotine craving.