When to Book Everything for a Wedding in Australia – Photographers to Bands

When to Book Everything for a Wedding in Australia – Photographers to Bands

The idea of hosting a grand wedding party to celebrate the special day in your life makes you feel excited. Right? However, it is often challenging to create proper planning for the wedding event. The biggest mistake of couples and their families is that they do not book professionals in advance. It is essential to connect with the event manager, photographer, DJs, and other service providers in advance. So, when should you book their services for your wedding event in Australia?

Time to hire your wedding photographer-

Wedding photographers and videographers document every minute detail of your ceremony. If you have finalized your wedding date and venue, you should contact the photographer 8 to 9 months in advance. 

Photographers take some time to get familiar with the venue. They also want to snap a couple of test photos of the bride and the groom. It helps them provide you with well-planned, quality shoots. Some couples also hire photographers for pre-wedding shoots in Australia.

If you have booked your photographers in advance, you can avoid last-minute cancellations. So, reserve them for a slot, and the photographer will not work for another client on your chosen day.

Time to hire wedding bands-

If you want to engage wedding bands in Canberra, you should book them 7 to 8 months in advance. You should communicate with the DJ at least once before the day of your wedding. Discuss the timeline, music list, and other significant details of their services. You may also ask the band about the cost of hiring its services. In most cases, the bands set their charges depending on their experiences. So, connect with the wedding DJ or band and learn about the quality of services. Depending on your needs, the band will carry the music equipment to the venue.

Time to book your wedding venue-

The venue is the most significant factor for hosting your wedding party. Identify the preferred location before searching for the venue. There are several venue options in Australia, and you can choose one based on your budget and party size. The best venue is spacious and accommodates your guests easily.

If it is a peak wedding season, you may find it challenging to look for a perfect venue. So, you should try to book the wedding party venue at least one year in advance (maybe more!). Moreover, last-minute booking of a venue makes everything costly. Even if you have chosen an outdoor event venue (such as parks and gardens), you must make an early decision. 

Before booking a venue, you must ask questions about-

  • The rental charge
  • The initial deposit 
  • Payment options
  • Cancellation policies
  • Venue’s capacity 
  • Inclusion of photography and catering services

You can now look for professionals who will collaborate to make your wedding party successful. However, your early decision will save you from hassles. If you are in a rush, you may make a wrong decision. Thus, hire the best wedding bands, photographers, event managers, and other professionals in advance.