Top 5 Reasons for Australian Tourist Visa Application Rejection

Top 5 Reasons for Australian Tourist Visa Application Rejection

Have you ever felt rejected for an Australian tourist visa due to specific reasons, then there is no need to be frustrated because the rejection of a tourist visa can happen due to some issues in your visa application process. Still, you can enjoy your holiday plans in Australia by seeking some other visa opportunities. Here is the list of the most common reasons for Australian tourist visa rejection.

1.  Incorrect visa type selection

Applying for the wrong visa type has the most chances of rejection by considering many unique cases of applicants. An immigration person will access all of your information through a tourist visa for Australia from India visa application. The greater the chance of your application refusal if you come back from a high-risk country. Always consider the laws of Australia or any other country where you intend to go. It will help you to understand when choosing relevant visa categories. If you choose the inappropriate class of visa, then you will face a high risk of rejection.

2.  Visa policy violation

Applicants mostly do not understand the complete application process and Visa policy of the specific country. They need to have careful submission of paperwork and the visa application process for approval. If your documents are in consists or do not have enough information, then it is most likely to face rejection. It is very important to identify important requirements of a visa from the Australian website about collection or verification documents.

3.  Having a history of visa refusal

This is another possible feature of your Australian Visa rejection because if you have a bad traveling history, then it may affect your new application process. It is highly suggested that you take care of your documents and fulfill all necessary requirements of paperwork for making your successful move to Australia. Previous visa conditions may include no further stay, no permission to study work, or any other reasons for visa failure.

4.  Not submission of additional information

Sometimes applicants need to provide all additional information submissions depending upon their unique case. The genuine immigration consultants in India examine the visa application process of the applicant carefully and satisfy all several factors that can affect the visa application process. Whenever any additional information is needed for clear ends, they ask the applicant to provide all these documents. If these documents are not submitted on time or are improper submissions, then the application process can be declined.

5.  Character requirements

The applicant must have a clear criminal track record in the country where he is living. Australia and any other country do not compromise with a person having a past criminal record, which is a great reason for their visa rejection. The applicant needs to have a good character certificate test. You should not have a clear criminal history and moral integrity.


Whenever you face that restriction of your visit visa, then find out the specific reasons that caused your Australia rejection. You need to choose another type of visa that is based on your eligibility. If you have identified the reasons, then avoid the same mistakes in another visa process and make sure to provide the right information.