How to identify that fake urine has gone bad?

How to identify that fake urine has gone bad?

How to Identify that Fake Urine Has Gone Bad?

Synthetic urine is widely used for different purposes, be it medical testing or experiments. People also use it for drug tests. Synthetic urine is designed to mimic the chemical composition of human urine. It consists of components such as urea, water, creatine, etc, and also has the exact color and smell. 

So, like every chemical compound, synthetic urine also has an expiry date. However, if the urine sample is not stored properly, it can go bad and lose its properties. If you see a change in color or cloudy formation in the sample, the urine is no longer ideal to use. So, it becomes important to identify whether your fake pee has gone bad or not.

The other important thing is to purchase your synthetic urine kit from a reputable and trusted site. Low-quality urine samples might not produce the same results as you desire. 

In this read, we will talk about how you can figure out if your synthetic urine has expired or not suitable to use. We will also discuss other relevant information.

Signs Your Fake Pee Has Gone Bad

Usually, the shelf life of synthetic urine kits is 2-3 years, but if not stored properly, it can still go bad. Here are some things or signs you must look for before using the sample.

  1. Color: The original color of synthetic urine is slightly yellow, similar to the color of human pee. If you see the color has changed or the sample appears cloudy, it indicates that fungi or bacteria have begun to breed in the synthetic urine. Secondly, if you find the pee congealed or goopy, you must throw the sample at that moment only. The fake pee is no longer suitable to use for any drug test.
  1. Odor: Synthetic urine has a musty smell mimicking the smell of real urine. If your sample has expired, it will smell like something rotten. Do not use this urine kit, as the sample might have expired. 

How to Increase the life of Synthetic urine

Many synthetic urine kits expire even before their expiry date. The main reason is not storing the urine sample properly. The shelf life of synthetic urine is usually 2-3 years if you purchase it from a reputable brand. However, due to improper storage, it expires before its time. Let us see how to increase the shelf life of synthetic urine.

  1. Proper Storage: The most important thing is your sample storage; if you keep synthetic urine in direct heat or sunlight, its chemical composition can change. If the fake pee is opened, make sure to keep it in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. You can also keep the urine in the refrigerator, but avoid freezing the urine sample.
  2. Buying from a Reputable brand: Purchasing synthetic urine from a reputable brand will help you if your workplace asks for drug tests every now and then. WashingtonCityPaper has made a comprehensive guide on choosing the best synthetic urine kits available in the market.
  3. Avoid Overheating: It is perfectly fine if you have refrigerated your urine or want to heat the sample before going for the test. However, avoid overheating the urine; rapid change in its temperature can alter its chemical properties, potentially damaging the synthetic urine sample.
  4. Using a Sterile container: Microorganisms can breed on synthetic urine and can disrupt its chemical properties. Make sure you store the opened synthetic urine in a sterile and airtight container.


1. How long does fake urine last after opening?

The shelf life of synthetic urine is 2-3, but once it is opened, it can last only if stored properly. You must store it in a cool, dark place away from heat. Keep it in an airtight and sterile container. You can also refrigerate it but avoid freezing the synthetic urine sample.

2. Can we reheat the synthetic urine?

Yes, you can reheat the synthetic urine. However, avoid freezing the sample because constant freezing and heating of the sample can alter its properties, and it will be unsuitable for any drug test. Do not overheat the sample; try using body heat to warm the sample.

3. Can I use a month-old synthetic urine kit?

Yes, you can use a month-old synthetic urine sample only after checking for some signs. Look for the color; if the sample has a cloudy color or is not yellowish, this means the sample has gone bad. Usually, the smell of synthetic urine is similar to human urine; if you smell something rotten, you must throw it.

Conclusion: How to Identify that Fake Urine Has Gone Bad?

In conclusion, you can easily identify whether the fake urine that is lying in your house is suitable to use or not. If the urine sample is not stored properly, it can easily go bad. You can check its color and odor and identify very easily that the urine sample is no longer suitable for use.

If you want the synthetic urine to last long, you have to ensure it is stored properly. If the kit is opened, you should keep it in an air-tight container so that it does not react with oxygen. Keep the fake pee away from sunlight and heat. Purchasing synthetic urine from a reputable brand is also advisable to get accurate results.

If a synthetic urine kit has expired or gone bad, we recommend throwing that urine sample and purchasing a new one. An expired synthetic urine can not give the desired result and can raise suspicion. So, if you see a change in color or odor, you must use a new synthetic urine sample for your drug test.