7 Signs Your Spouse May Cheat On You in the Future

7 Signs Your Spouse May Cheat On You in the Future

7 Signs Your Spouse May Cheat On You in the Future

It can be unsettling to be in a loving long-term relationship and then one day, things start to change. Maybe your partner has become more distant, or maybe they’ve become more secretive and you’ve got a disturbing hunch that they may not be being faithful. Sure you can ask them outright, and you may get an honest answer, but more often than not, they’ll continue to conceal the truth.

If you’re on the lookout for signs that your spouse may cheat on you in the future, here’s a list of signs from the experienced cheating spouse investigators at Haywood Hunt & Associates Inc. to watch out for!

Some people cheat on their partners because they simply don’t care about the relationship. Some cheat because of some characteristics that make them more prone to cheating. Still, some cheat out of the blue and for no obvious reason. Whatever the case, these 7 signs generally remain the same:

  1. Your Spouse Hides Money

No matter if it’s a raise that your partner chose not to share with you, an inheritance, a hidden off-shore account, or a spending issue that you’ve found out and think means nothing, the fact that you were not aware of this is a clue that something could be brewing.

  • Your Spouse Has ‘Secret’ Relationships

Of course, relationships like these aren’t really a secret, but more of off-limits for you. If your spouse sees other people to fulfill emotional needs that are not being satisfied in your marriage, then this may become a problem that may eventually end your marriage.

Any relationship that your spouse feels should not be shared with you is a secret relationship. A night out with friends is fine, but if your partner won’t share who those friends are, then it is a ‘secret’ relationship.

  • Your Partner Complained About You to Other People

Now, this isn’t the same as your partner venting to close friends after a fight. This is more about trashing you when you’re not listening. Not only is this very disrespectful, but is a huge red flag that your partner does not appreciate you.

  • Your Partner is Emotionally Dishonest

If your partner won’t open up to you and would hide being hurt or angry, then there is a very serious emotional disconnection going on. If your partner still chooses to not share even after several attempts, then there is a danger that hidden feelings can boil over or simply manifest in other forms, such as cheating.

  • Your Partner is Emotionally Manipulative

Does your partner withhold affection and/or intimacy when you have a disagreement? Does your partner repeatedly blame you for nearly everything and will bring up old issues over and over? Do you feel like you can’t do anything right? Then your spouse might be an emotional manipulator without knowing it says Malerie Rose a renowned Family Lawyer with Rose Family Law in Mississauga. The problem with this kind of dynamics no matter what you do, your spouse will still think that you’re not good enough. That kind of thinking is what leads to cheating.

  • Your Partner Undermines You in Public

Small jabs like a sarcastic remark or starting something to piss you off or humiliate you is a tell-tale sign that your partner doesn’t really respect you. This is even more evident when your partner is prone to airing your dirty laundry in public to either hurt or shame you. If your partner does not respect you, then your partner does not respect your relationship as well.

  • Your Spouse is Selfish

When your spouse thinks that you are always wrong or that your feelings are invalid, then it just shows that your spouse does not see you as a partner. When you’re not viewed as a partner, then you’re viewed as something replaceable and can be cheated on.

Being betrayed by a cheating spouse is one of the most painful betrayals one can experience. Some people choose to ignore the warning signs and the tell-tale clues. Don’t be one of them!

If any of the signs above seem familiar and you suspect your partner may be cheating, it may be worth seeking out the confidentiality and discretion of a professional private investigator. Everyone deserves the truth so they can move forward with clarity and confidence.