3 Ways to Assess a Cat’s Personality


Understanding a cat’s personality unveils the perfect choice in cat toys, catering to their unique traits and preferences, ensuring endless joy and engagement. Cats are unique creatures with distinct personalities that set them apart from each other. As a cat owner, understanding your feline’s character traits can create a stronger bond and help you provide the best environment for their needs. If you’re considering adopting a cat or simply want to better understand your current furry companion, here are three effective ways to assess a cat’s personality.

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1. Observation and Interaction:

The simplest way to discern a cat’s personality is through observation by watching how they react in different situations. Take note of their behavior when greeting new people, their reaction to children or other pets, and how they act during playtime. Are they shy and reserved or outgoing and social? Another aspect to consider is the cat’s vocalizations – some cats are talkative, while others are quieter. Be patient and make sure to interact with them using various toys and approaches to get a complete picture of their personality.

2. Breed Traits:

Though every cat is an individual, certain breeds have specific traits that can give you an insight into the general temperament of your prospective pet. For example, Siamese cats are known for being vocal and social, whereas Russian Blues tend to be more reserved. Researching breed traits may give you an idea of what kind of personality lies beneath that fur coat; however, always remember that there can be great variance within a breed, so this method should not be solely relied upon.

3. The Feline-ality Assessment:

Developed by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the Feline-ality Assessment is a well-structured method that combines observations with standard procedures to evaluate your cat’s personality accurately. Typically conducted in shelter environments to help potential adopters find compatible feline companions, it evaluates aspects such as their sociability, response to human touch, level of activity, and reaction to play. Although this method is more structured than general observation, you can certainly apply some of the principles when interacting with cats in various contexts.


Understanding your cat’s personality is crucial for the success of your relationship and can ensure that you provide a loving home and appropriate care. By observing their behavior, considering breed traits, and utilizing assessment methods like the ASPCA’s Feline-ality Assessment, you’ll be well-equipped to decipher your feline friend’s character quirks. Pay attention to your cat’s unique attributes and embrace their individuality; after all, that’s what sets them apart and makes them special.