What is the best day to buy airline tickets international

What is the best day to buy airline tickets international

The best day to buy cheap Qatar Airways flights tickets for your international destinations varies based on the fare class, airline, type of ticket, time of booking as well as your loyalty program membership status. Since the flight pricing is dynamic, you will always see fluctuating travel fares for the same route on different days. Yet, there exist some strategies that can help you find the most favourable deals in no time.

Here’s everything you need to know about the best day to buy international tickets with an airline.

Mid-Week Booking.

Mid-week booking is the ideal option to opt for affordable travel fares. Since a lesser travel demand is present during these days, you are more likely to get cheap travel options. Therefore, Tuesdays and Wednesdays become the prime time not only to search for international flight deals but also to reserve them.

Additionally, many airlines frequently release fare sales, discounts and other promotions at the beginning of the week i.e., on Tuesday. By Thursday, these promotions have usually settled. All in all, it offers a balance of availability and affordability for passengers of all travel classes.

Avoiding weekends.

Weekend days are the most expensive to travel to your destination for a variety of reasons. There’s a higher travel demand in the market and a lesser availability of flights which ultimately leads to a price surge. In addition, weekend slots are fully booked. So whatever seat availability you get, will come at a higher price tag and with limited options. So, booking your international flights on the weekend, especially on Friday and Sunday is a big no!

Prebooking window.

For international travel, the flights should be pre-booked with an ideal time frame of three months (90 days) at least. This is because you will have a larger availability of flight options along with an affordable travel fare. On the other hand, if you opt for last-minute travel arrangements for your international flights, you will end up paying almost double the initial ticket price.  

In addition, by booking early you unlock an array of promotional fares, discounts and complimentary travel benefits that are only available on a limited basis for the passengers booking their flights. So, it helps you secure your travel plans with confidence.

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Consideration of travel season.

For any destination you are flying to, there’s a peak travel season and an off-peak travel season as well. Peak travel season is the one which brings the higher travel demand and busiest flight schedule in the region. On the other hand, the off-peak season or shoulder months (time between the peak and off-peak season) is when there’s a relaxed travel demand for flights and a larger availability. 

When making your purchase decision for an international flight, research the peak and off-peak travel times of your destinations as they vary for different regions depending upon weather conditions, local events and festivals. Therefore, booking your international flight when it’s the best fit for your needs and budget.

Flexibility Matters.

One of the most effective ways to secure the best deals is through your flexibility in travel dates as well as destination. If you are open to making slight adjustments to your departure and return dates and compromise on travelling to nearby airports of your preferred destinations – it can often lead to lower fares and yield more cost-effective options.

Time Zones.

When buying an international flight ticket, you also need to consider the time zone differences to shortlist the best time for booking your seat. This is because fare adjustments by the airline can happen at different times of the day and being in a different time zone completely changes it. So, it’s worth checking for fare changes during the early morning hours or late at night i.e., these are the times of the day when airlines are more likely to update their prices.

So, the best time to buy international flight tickets remains influenced by all these factors.