Top Tips to Make Your Halloween Makeup Scary Good

Top Tips to Make Your Halloween Makeup Scary Good

Top Tips to Make Your Halloween Makeup Scary Good

What’s scarier than a horror movie or a spine-chilling costume? Spending several hours on your Halloween makeup look just to have it melt off before the night is over.

To help you avoid this nightmare, we’ve curated tried-and-true beauty techniques to ensure your makeup game is nothing short of spectacular.

1. Prime Your Canvas

When doing heavy Halloween makeup, starting right is essential. Think of primer as your magic skin potion. It smooths your skin, locks in the look, and prevents that dreaded mid-party fade. 

Given all the layers and details in Halloween makeup, you’ll want that extra staying power. So, whether you’re channeling a haunting ghost, a fiendish ghoul, or a glam witch, primer is your first step to keeping your look spot-on all night.

2. Wear Contact Lenses

Eyes are the windows to the soul, and in the realm of Halloween, they can be the linchpin to a truly transformative look. 

Going for lore-accurate fantasy or a spine-chilling, otherworldly appearance? Halloween contact lenses can be your secret weapon. So, whether you’re going for vampire red, ghoulish white, or alien green, the right contact lenses can turn your look from great to unforgettable in a blink.

But a word to the wise: even cosmetic contacts, i.e., contacts without corrective power, are considered medical devices. Only buy from legitimate retailers that ask for a prescription.

3. Use Waterproof Makeup

When you’re out trick-or-treating with little ones or mingling at a Halloween party, the last thing you want to do is sneak off to touch up your makeup. 

Enter waterproof products — the unsung heroes of Halloween. 

Your makeup should be the least of your worries as the night goes on. By opting for waterproof versions of your favorite products, you’re essentially locking in your look. It’s one of the secrets to ensuring that your Halloween masterpiece stays vibrant and smudge-free from the first spook to the last scream.

4. Layer Your Makeup

Layering isn’t just for those chilly October nights. It’s also a secret weapon for your Halloween makeup game. But here's the catch: layer your makeup wisely

With the intricate designs and details typical of Halloween makeup looks, it’s not uncommon to have multiple layers. The trick is in the sequence. Start with your liquid products, like foundation or cream-based colors, then move on to powders. This strategic layering ensures a smoother, more integrated finish that stands up to the challenges of the night. 

When done right, your Halloween makeup won’t just look good. It will hold steady from dusk till dawn — or at least until you decide to remove it!

5. Use Stencils

Let's face it. We aren’t all Picasso when it comes to drawing freehand, especially with makeup. That's where stencils step in to save the day — or night, in the case of Halloween. 

Stencils are the shortcut to achieving those intricate patterns, sharp lines, and symmetrical designs that can be daunting to do by hand. For beginners, stencils offer a surefire way to get the look right the first time. And for the seasoned makeup pros, stencils can be a time-saver, ensuring consistency and precision. 

Whether you’re aiming for delicate spider webs, precise scales, or perfect stars, stencils have your back, making sure your Halloween game is on point and fuss-free.

6. Use False Eyelashes

While bold eyeshadows and eyeliners can create a stunning look, they can unintentionally overpower those natural lashes of yours. Enter the magic of false eyelashes! 

Falsies bring the drama, the volume, and that extra flair, ensuring your eyes truly pop and don’t get lost amidst the colors and designs. 

Whether you’re going for the sultry gaze of a vampire or sorceress or the wide-eyed innocence of a fairy, adding those standout lashes completes the look.

7. Apply Glitter

If there’s ever a time to go to town with glitter, it’s Halloween. The occasion practically screams for you to bust out those dazzling glitters and let them shine. From whimsical fairy looks to glam-rock zombies, a sprinkle of glitter can elevate your makeup to new heights. 

But here's a pro tip: to ensure that glitter doesn’t end up all over your face (or everyone else’s) by the end of the night, pair it with a glitter primer. This nifty product anchors those sparkles, ensuring they stay where you want them, no matter how long the festivities last.

8. Use a Smudge-Proof Lipstick

Between bites of candied apples, sips of cold beverages, and endless chit-chat and laughter, your lips will be the bustling hub of activity during Halloween festivities. The last thing you want is for your blood-red or spooky black lipstick to fade away or smudge across your face.

That’s not a problem with smudge-proof lipstick. This game-changer ensures that your lip color stays vibrant and intact, regardless of the number of spooky snacks or haunting drinks you indulge in. No more constant mirror checks or touch-ups!

9. Set and Seal

You’ve spent precious time crafting your Halloween masterpiece. Now, it’s time for the final, magical touch: setting spray. Setting spray locks in all your hard work and shields your makeup from sweat and accidental touches. 

But wait, there’s more! A pro tip for those rocking vibrant face paints or makeup: set with a powder that’s the same shade as your pigment. If you can’t snag a brightly-colored setting powder, powder eyeshadow is your friend. 

Relying solely on translucent or lightly tinted powders can sometimes dull the pop of your colors. By opting for a color-matched powder, you ensure your look remains as vivid and vibrant as when you first created it.

10. Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice makes perfect — something that’s especially true when we’re talking about fabulously detailed Halloween makeup looks. 

By doing a makeup “rehearsal,” you avoid the eleventh-hour panic and get the chance to troubleshoot any hiccups.

When you harmonize the details of your Halloween costume and makeup, you elevate the entire ensemble. 


With these 10 invaluable makeup tips, you’re set to craft a scary good Halloween look that lasts and leaves an impression. No more worrying about smudges, fades, or makeup mishaps. Happy Halloween!