Top 5 Thrilling Water Sports

Top 5 Thrilling Water Sports

For adventure seekers taking a trip abroad, nothing quite gets the adrenaline pumping like water sports. Whether you’re hoping to glide along the top of the waves or explore underneath them, all manner of thrills can be found on the water. 

Snorkelling, kayaking and surfing are some of the most daring sports in the world and participation is on the rise. This is not only due to the thrilling nature of the activities but also the physical and mental health benefits.

Here are five of the most exciting water sports for daredevils everywhere.


If you’re a beginner looking to dip your toe into the world of water sports, windsurfing is ideal for your first go. You’ll stand on a surfboard while holding an attached sail and use it to whisk across the ocean.

While it is suitable for all ages and abilities, windsurfing isn’t free from challenges and there are always new things to learn. But once you’ve worked on your technique a bit, you’ll be able to handle even stronger winds.


Perfect for all levels, kayaking is one of those activities that you can make as thrilling as you’re comfortable with. Climb into your kayak and embark on an exciting solo or team adventure with your friends and family.

For calmer waters, paddle across a picturesque lake or give yourself a challenge by taking a sea kayak out on the waves.


You don’t have to be a certified diver to have an aquatic experience that you’ll never forget. Snorkelling is an exhilarating way to catch a glimpse of the marine life below the waves without disturbing the ecosystem. Just pop on your snorkel, mask and fins before wading into the water – hire them from a water sports shop if you don’t have your own.

Some of the best places for snorkelling in the world include the volcanic archipelago of Fernando de Noronha off the coast of Brazil and the otherworldly coral and marine life of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Fully immerse yourself in these underwater paradises but remember to wear reef-safe sunscreen.


Foiling is another form of surfing, except the surface you stand on is completely above the water to achieve the sensation of flying along the ocean. A foil fin is attached to a dinghy or surfboard to create lift and reduce friction.

It’s an activity that’s growing in popularity but, like any other water sport, foiling is not without its risks. Many who try it out using their own boat should consider dinghy insurance for extra peace of mind before heading onto the water.


The ultimate sport for the classic adventurer, surfing puts your physical strength to the test. But you can’t rely on brawn alone – you also need balance, technique and patience. You can take out your board for a calming ride on the waves or take a friend with you to motivate each other.

If you’ve never surfed before, find a surf school that offers lessons for all ages and abilities.