Top 10 PCB Manufacturers in China

Top 10 PCB Manufacturers in China

Over the past few decades, China has become the leader in PCB manufacturing. As a result, nowadays, you can easily find simple to advanced PCBs at the most reasonable price from Chinese PCB manufacturers.

The reason that has propelled China to the top is that Chinese PCB manufacturers use trained, experienced, and professional engineers to fabricate these printed circuit boards. Plus, Chinese PCB manufacturers’ prices are almost half of European countries’ PCB manufacturers.

Due to the number of reliable and efficient PCB manufacturers available in China, selecting a single PCB manufacturer for PCB fabrication and designing can become challenging. Hence, to help you in this article, we have selected the top ten PCB manufacturers in China for your assistance.

10. All PCB

All PCB is a well-known name among PCB manufacturers in China. They are located in Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province, China. They are highly specialized PCB manufacturers who are experts in fabricating less costly PCB circuits. They can manufacture budget-friendly aluminum, flexible and rigid-flexible PCBs, electronic goods, and SMD facilities.

All PCB was established in 2015 and can deliver rapidly high-quality PCB manufacturing services to clients in over a hundred countries worldwide. This reason has made them one of the top PCB manufacturers worldwide.

9. PCBCart

PCB cart is among the high-quality PCB manufacturers and service providers in China that has served over 10,000 customers in eighty countries worldwide. As one of the top-class PCB manufacturers, their services vary from PCB prototype to complete manufacturing.

Rated among the best PCB manufacturers in china, PCBCart can manufacture flex PCB, aluminum PCB, rigid PCB, Rigid, flexible PCB, HDI PCB, HF PCB, heavy copper PCB, and much more for their customers. Depending on the customer’s location and requirement, they may supply boards in as little as two days. Hence, earning the title of one of the best PCB manufacturers in China

8. PCBWay

PCBWay, one of the best Chinese PCB manufacturers, offers a variety of Printed circuit boards and PCB assemblies to their clients to fulfill a variety of applications. They are based in Shenzhen and, out of all other PCB manufacturers, are experts in low-volume PCB prototyping, PCB assembly, and board fabrication.

They are a cost-friendly option for PCB manufacturing and designing if you are located in China. They are among the top PCB manufacturers due to their reliable delivery time and cost-effectiveness. 

7. Hitech Circuits

Hitech is among the top leading PCB manufacturers in China. Since 1997 they have been fabricating and designing reliable PCBs and PCBAs using advanced PCB manufacturing technologies and quality control, putting them in the class of best PCB manufacturers. 

They have three specially designed manufacturing setups for producing and supplying high-quality PCBs to their customers worldwide. Plus, they can also cost-effectively provide customized, quick turn and prototype PCBs. Their reliable medium to small-scale, flexible PCB manufacturing keeps them among China’s top ten PCB manufacturers. 

6. PCBGoGo

PCBGoGo is among the best Chinese PCBA and PCB manufacturers due to their customized prototyping and mass-value PCB fabrication. Out of all PCB manufacturers in China, what has made them stand out is that they have served their customers the best PCBs and PCBAs for the last ten years.

Unlike low-rated PCB manufacturers, they use high-quality laminates and PCB material for PCB manufacturing and guarantee accurate lead times to deliver your orders. They are among the cost-friendly PCB manufacturers in China who are ISO certified.


JLCPCB is among the top PCB manufacturers and suppliers in China. They were established in 2006 and have consistently evolved and improved since then to facilitate their customers, earning them a rightful place among other top-tier PCB manufacturers. Their high-precision PCBs and PCBAs are extensively utilized in the commercial, marine, military, and medical fields, making them among China’s top PCB manufacturers.

JLCPCB uses high-quality PCB basic materials and innovative technology, which is completely automated and guarantees that it can supply clients with cost-effective PCBs and PCBAs on time. Their reliable online system makes them among the top ten PCB manufacturers in china.


UETPCB is among the most reputable PCB manufacturers in Shenzhen, China. They have been in PCB and PCBA manufacturing for over 15 years, a feat few Chinese PCB manufacturers can claim. Therefore they can address any PCB-related issue. 

Their PCB manufacturing chain includes PCB and PCBA fabrication, PCB material and components procurement, and other PCB-related services. These services and their aim of satisfying their clients have made them one of the best PCB manufacturers worldwide.

3. Global PCB

Global PCB is among the most professional PCB manufacturers and suppliers in China. They aim to provide reliable PCB designing and fabrication services as the leading PCB manufacturers. Their PCBs and electronic goods are utilized in metrology, healthcare, safety, military, and other major industries. 

As experienced PCB manufacturers, they also have numerous years of expertise and a highly skilled management and fabrication team who, with their quality services, keep your order their priority and supply you with reliable PCBs on time.

2. Moko Technology

Moko Technology ranks second in China’s list of leading PCB manufacturers and service providers. As the top PCB manufacturers, they offer prototyping and assembling to complete PCB manufacturing on a large and small scale.

They can fabricate and design heavy copper, HDI, Rigid Flex, Flex, Aluminum, FR4, and prototype printed circuit boards. You can even order various PCB assemblies and electronic assemblies from their website. MOKO, an experienced PCB manufacturer in China, can supply clients with high-quality PCB and PCBA solutions on time. 

They have a dependable distribution network that enables them to source high-quality PCB materials and components at reasonable pricing, which not even some top-tier PCB manufacturers can serve.

1. Hemeixin PCB

Finally, on top of our list of top ten blind via PCB manufacturers in China, hemeixin PCB, one of the most experienced PCB manufacturers and service providers. Due to their quality services, highly developed website, and outstanding customer service, they deserve this position.

They can manufacture almost every type of PCB and PCBA at the most reasonable prices, and you can avail of reliable PCB designing and fabrication from them in the most accurate lead times. They involve their customer in every step of PCB manufacturing.

You can contact them to fabricate simple to advanced PCBs with the highest quality material and accurate price quotes. With decades of experience, they are a one-stop solution for the Best PCB manufacturing. 

Final Word: 

In this article, we have suggested the top ten PCB manufacturers in China. Hemeixin PCB tops our list due to its reliable services and price quotes. If you want to order the Best PCBs in China, visit their website to place your order and experience their best services.