Thirdlove top 2023 fall bra trends

Thirdlove top 2023 fall bra trends

Top 2023 Fall Bra Trends

You may be familiar with trends in outerwear, but underwear also has seasonal styles. Bras, for example, are shifting with female preferences and social movements into new and exciting lingerie forms for autumn 2023. Here are some of the top fall 2023 bra trends to watch for — and try. 

Bold Colors & Patterns

If you want to make a loud, splashy statement that is fashionable, look for bras in bright hues such as blues and reds, and then prepare to be noticed. These strong colors speak of female empowerment and strength. They represent freedom for women to be who they are without shame or apology, whatever their shape and size. 

If you want a classically subtle yet sophisticated look, bras in white, nude, and light pastel shades are always a good choice. However, the autumn’s fresh patterns are another way to enliven your lingerie, whether you choose bold hues or subtle color. For example, consider wearing a fun cheetah print in soft tones.  Other seasonal options include polka dots and delicate embroidery. For autumn 2023, there are trendy choices for every taste.

Bras Under Sheer Tops

There are many exciting options for bras that will look great under sheer materials in autumn 2023. With all the choices available, your personal taste and style come into play when putting together an outfit. Whether you want to be daring or keep to a more conventional look, autumn lingerie styles are waiting. Some favorite trends for wearing under sheer tops include:

  • Translucent materials – If you are feeling bold, choose a bra that features see-through fabrics under your sheer top. Delicate yet daring, translucent bra styles showcase confidence and strength. 
  • Strapless – Another lingerie style that looks beautiful under sheer fabrics is a strapless bra. These styles eliminate distracting straps and focus the spotlight on your curves and feminine form. 
  • Bright – Choose the season’s brightest colors and boldest prints to wear under a sheer top for show-stopping style. 

The key to enjoying the autumn 2023 bra trends is to stay true to your personal style while adding new pieces that fit your vibe.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Bras for autumn 2023 focus on eco-friendly materials that are as kind to the planet as they are to your body. Examples of these fabrics include: 

  • Bamboo
  • Organic cotton
  • Recycled plastic bottles

With consumers demanding more sustainable options in clothing and many other types of products, from cleaning to personal care, this trend may be here to stay. 


The foundation of fall 2023’s trends is comfort. Whatever hue and style you choose, make sure you have a bra that fits well and feels good. If you prefer wearing an unlined bra, you have many trendy styles to choose from that are both comfortable and supportive without extra bulk.

On the other hand, if you appreciate padding that helps shape and smooth, 2023 fall styles feature padded bras in bold colors and soft tones. This newest generation of padded bras feature increased breathability for coolness and comfort.

With autumn 2023 bra trends, this lingerie staple takes center stage with bold colors, vibrant prints, and interesting patterns and textures. These trends are meant to let your personal style and confidence shine.