The Top Nail Art Trends You Need on Your Radar

The Top Nail Art Trends You Need on Your Radar

Want to know about the top nail trends for 2023? Top experts share their predictions on the biggest trends, colours and nail art for 2023.

Nail art is an innovative way to accessorize your hands and keep up with emerging style trends. Whether you’re looking for fresh inspo for your next DIY manicure or want new designs to show your nail tech, it helps to know what’s hot right now.

From minimalist to bold and graphic, here are seven of the biggest nail art crazes taking over in 2023:

Understated Chic: The Minimalist Manicure

Foreffortless elegance, you can’t go wrong with the minimalist manicure. This polished look focuses on neutral tones, bare nails, and subtle accents. It’s all about embracing your natural nails and keeping things simple.

Start with a solid, neutral base color. Barely-there nudes, pale pinks, and soft grays work well on all skin tones. For a touch of flair, add a pop of brighter color on one or two accent nails. If you’re looking to repair broken nails, here are the tips

When it comes to embellishments, less is definitely more. A mininalist mani may feature a single strip of glitter, a delicate line drawing, or an itty-bitty crystal or stud detail. Timeless classics like the French dip also epitomize minimalist style.

The minimalist look pairs nicely with rounded or squared-off nail shapes. Stick with shorter or mid-length nails that are filed straight across the tip. The goal is understated perfection.

This effortless manicure complements any style or occasion. Achieving that chic, nuanced look is easier when you keep the focus on one knockout color and mini accents.

Natural-Inspired Marble

Marble nail art reimagines your nails as mesmerizing miniature slabs of stone. Traditional neutrals and gray veins are classics, but don’t be afraid to branch out.

Vibrant jewel tones, neons, and unexpected color combos give this trend a modern update. Try blending metallic rose gold and sage green together or combine pastels like lilac and robin’s egg blue.

Use a toothpick or dotting tool to carefully dot polish colors next to each other, then swirl them into a seamless blend. Outline the marble pattern with a dark color for definition.

For extra dimension, add gold leaf, foil accents, or glitter on top of the design. A glossy top coat gives the marble effect a smooth, sleek finish.

Marble nails are ideal for accenting an all-neutral outfit. The stone-like textures ground any bright color combination for a sophisticated look. Check out this guide for inspiration

Ultra-Graphic Geometric Shapes

If you love an artsy, graphic aesthetic, get ready to obsess over geometric nail art. Triangles, circles, lines, squiggles – anything goes for creating striking designs.

Nail vinyls make it easy to get perfect shapes. Use strips like lines, rectangles or circles to create a pattern, then fill in with different colors. Studs, glitter and metallics take it to the next level.

Striping tape is another shortcut for clean lines. Place it where you want bold divides on the nail, then paint perpendicular colors across. The contrast makes the geometric look pop.

Rhinestones and metallic studs are perfect mini accents. Place them strategically inside sharp lines or patterns for extra flair. Use a steady hand or tweezers to ensure proper placement.

With so many cool geometric options, you can switch up the design each week. It’s an artsy way to accessorize any outfit or nail length.

Mouthwatering Fruit-Inspired Colors

For a fruity manicure that’s juicy, sweet and downright delicious, take inspiration from summer’s tastiest treats. Lemons, watermelon, oranges and all your other favorites influence this fun trend.

Use vivid citrus-inspired hues like sunny yellow, coral, lime green and bold cherry red. Try a new color combo on each nail for a yummy mix-and-match effect.

Step it up with 3D fruit charms on accent nails. Little resin cherries, sliced oranges, lemon and lime wedges add a tangy touch. For extra flavor, use fruit-scented polish like peach or watermelon.

Watercolor bleeding effects are another clever way to get the fruit look. Lightly sponge on shades like pink, purple and blue, then swirl together for a tropical tie-dye style.

With upbeat colors and playful textures, fruit nail art is fresh, fruity fashion for your fingertips.

Bubbly Blinged-Out Chrome

Chrome nails are extra glam and should be on your radar if you love high-wattage shine. This mirror-like metallic manicure gives the illusion your nails were dipped in liquid silver or gold.

Start by painting your base color on – try robin’s egg blue or soft pink for versatility. Once dry, carefully paint on metallic chrome polish for an ultra-reflective top layer.

For accent nails, coat on eye-catching glitter, crushed foils or sequins over the chrome polish. The contrast between the high-shine and sparkly textures is mesmerizing.

You can also layer chrome powder directly over any base coat shade. Use medium like oil or vaseline to get it to adhere, then seal it with a top coat. The result: showstopping nails that shine brighter than diamonds!

Ethereal Minimalist Florals

Romantic blooms are trending on nails this season with a soft, ethereal twist. These minimal floral manicures use sheer polish, nude bases, delicate details and subtle colors inspired by nature.

Try sheer jelly-like textures layered over a neutral base to mimic the translucency of flower petals. Keep it super delicate with hues like buttery yellow, dusty rose and sage green.

Wispy floral lace stickers give the look of dainty vines and botanical drawings atop bare nails. Concentrate any bold pops of color just on the tips or accent nails.

Hand-painted micro florals are another way to keep the look light and minimal. Use a detail brush and practice your technique with tiny blossoms. Finish with matte top coat for a velvety effect.

Whether you gravitate towards whimsical wildflowers or elegant roses, these breezy blooms feel perfectly ethereal for spring.

Retro Checkerboard Patterns

If you love vintage vibes, the checkerboard nail art trend is about to become your new go-to. These bold retro patterns are an edgy-yet-nostalgic look straight from the colorful ‘80s and ‘90s.

To DIY, start with a base color, then use striping tape to create geometric squares or angular shapes. Fill in the negative space with a contrasting polish.

Play with different width tapes and colors like ivory and black for a punk rock twist. Pastel pink with baby blue evokes a softer, faded film look.

For another retro effect, drag larger brushes at angles over alternating colors like red and silver. The uneven stripes create a deconstructed plaid design.

Complete the nostalgic checkerboard look by sealing it in under a layer of matte top coat. It keeps the edges smooth and blocks any shine.

Whether you feel like going bold and graphic or keeping it light and faded, checkerboard nails are what’s trending now.

Experiment with these current nail art favorites the next time your tips need a fresh update. With so many styles and techniques to try, you can switch up your look all year long!