The Evolution of Tattoo Removal – A Look Inside Disappear Laser Clinic

The Evolution of Tattoo Removal – A Look Inside Disappear Laser Clinic

If you are looking for expert tattoo removal in Sydney you need to check out Disappear Laser Clinic. They offer excellent results at very reasonable costs while keeping the discomfort people experience to something easily manageable. For years they have been one of the leading removal clinics in the city and they continue to stay up to date with developments in removal lasers and technology. It happens that a tattoo you might have thought was going to be forever now needs to be removed. With their expertise and state-of-the-art treatment process, they can ensure you do not have to regret that decision. 


Exploring the history and evolution of tattoo removal


Prior to picosecond lasers

Having regrets about getting a tattoo is not just a modern thing, as long as there have been people getting tattoos, which is a long time, then there have been such things. But the ability to remove tattoos has evolved and with modern times become something quite different and a lot more effective. In the early days, these methods of removal would be extremely painful and even dangerous. For example, dermabrasion was one option where a rough item like a wire brush was used to literally scrape the tattoo off. Infections were common. Another removal option was salabrasion where salt and gauze 


With progress options became more chemical based but this caused scarring, burns and infections too. There were also surgical options to remove it including cutting out the tattoo and then replacing it with a skin graft, or using cryogenics to freeze the area and then using microdermabrasion. Then more recently laser techniques were developed and that made other options no longer needed. The first tattoo removed by laser was in 1967. Since then technology continues to change and improve to develop better laser options. In the 1990s Q-switched lasers were the thing to use, breaking down different coloured inks effectively. Some places still use these types of machines but not all efforts are perfect. At Disappear Laser Clinic they have the latest in technology with Picosecond lasers.


Picosecond lasers

As mentioned there are still some limitations with the Q-Switched lasers and as a result, picosecond lasers were made. They send out ultrashort bursts measured in picoseconds and they are more effective and work in a shorter time. You can see one of their leading tattoo removal specialists using their Pico laser system and rather than needing to visit 15 times you might only need 6 or 7 visits. Recovery time is therefore quicker as the skin is not as damaged. Their system is a second generation making it the most advanced option available right now. Disappear Laser Clinic can not only remove tattoos more completely they can do it with less discomfort and in a shorter period of time.


Disappear Laser Clinic

Explore your options with tattoo removal and join the thousands of people who have had successful removals. They are honest and have an excellent reputation for delivering on the claims they make safely and with an openness about costs at all times.