Need a Second Passport? Consider St. Lucia!

Need a Second Passport? Consider St. Lucia!

We live in an unstable world at present and having a place to hide is sometimes a priceless thing. With that in mind, far-sighted people make a collection of passports that give them wide opportunities. However, not all people are wealthy enough for that, but having at least one passport is a must. St. Lucia, like other Caribbean states, offers a very affordable citizenship-by-investment program that will make it possible for you to obtain a Caribbean passport quite quickly without even leaving your home!

This short post is devoted to the basics of the St. Lucian program, and we would like to invite you to our portal where you can read the full text. Find out more about the costs of living in the Caribbean, the documents required, and much more. You are not required to live in the country before or after acquiring citizenship, though: you can simply keep your passport and enjoy its benefits. However, if you decide to relocate, it may be a great turn in your life!

At our portal, you will also find experts who will help you with any issue related to citizenship-by-investment programs. You can book an initial individual session for free, and we will help you choose the right jurisdiction (if you doubt that St. Lucia is right for you) or tell you about any pitfalls on the way to a second passport. And if you decide to delegate the administrative issues to us, we will be happy to assist at a reasonable fee. Mind that you will need help anyway: the local authorities do not work directly with individuals, so you cannot apply for citizenship without an intermediary!

Cost and Procedure

There are four investment options to choose from if you want to acquire St. Lucian citizenship:

  • A non-refundable donation to the St. Lucia National Economic Fund. The main applicant will only have to invest 100,000 US dollars, which is quite low! A couple will need 140,000 US dollars, while a couple with two dependents needs to pay 150,000 US dollars. Any extra member will cost 15,000 US dollars in addition to the last mentioned amount.
  • A refundable investment in the development project. This investment is refundable, and there are some alternatives here: you can be a sole owner of the property, a joint owner, or you can invest a required amount in the shares of a construction company. The amount you will have to invest equals 30,000 US dollars regardless of the number of dependents in the application. 
  • A refundable investment in the business project. Again, you cannot choose just any project as these are approved by the local government (they use the money received from the citizenship-by-investment program to improve the country’s infrastructure, such as piers, quays, motor roads, educational institutions, and so on). If you choose this investment option, you will be required to deposit 1,000,000 US dollars and create 6 permanent jobs for the locals regardless of the number of dependents in the application (if you participate in a joint project) or invest 3,500,000 US dollars and create 3 jobs if you are a sole project participant.
  • A refundable investment in government bonds. A solo applicant or a couple will have to invest 300,000 US dollars. If you have more dependents, please check the updated amount with our specialists. You can only invest in zero-interest bonds acquired from a licensed broker or from the Ministry of Finance. 

If you opt for returnable investment options, you can sell the property in five years and retain your St. Lucian passport.

You will be required to invest the applicable amount after your application for citizenship has been approved.

Foreigners will have to work with a licensed local immigration agent to apply for citizenship of St. Lucia. If that sounds complicated, you should not worry as we cooperate with a reliable agent who has helped hundreds of families. The agent charges a fee of 20,000 US dollars if you apply alone and 25,000 US dollars if you have a family application (no more than four persons). A larger family will require a slightly higher fee.

What does it take to acquire St. Lucian citizenship? Let’s summarize:

  • You have to find a licensed agent
  • You submit an application and wait for due diligence checks to be completed and finally for the approval
  • You make the required investment in the country’s economy
  • You make an oath of allegiance to St. Lucia (it can be done at any embassy or consulate in your country of residence)
  • You finally get your passport

St. Lucian Citizenship: Benefits

  • St. Lucia is stable in political and economic terms, and you will get an opportunity to live and work there if you want to.
  • When you get the passport of St. Lucia, you actually get a Caribbean Community passport (or a CARICOM passport), which makes it possible for you to live and work in any Caribbean state of your choice.
  • St. Lucia allows dual citizenship, so you will not have to renounce your current citizenship if your country’s laws allow obtaining a second passport.
  • The fact that you have acquired the citizenship of St. Lucia is not disclosed publicly in any way (unless there is a well-grounded request from official authorities).
  • Most people who make refundable investments finally make a profit as they can resell the real estate at a higher price or get income from their business venture.
  • If you appreciate investment for a good cause, make a non-refundable donation to the country’s fund to finance its important projects.
  • If you decide to relocate to St. Lucia, it may improve your lifestyle greatly. This country offers quite a high quality of life, a low crime rate, and a well-developed infrastructure. All the latest technologies available here combined with a pleasant tropical climate create a wonderful mix that you are sure to enjoy! 
  • If you are used to luxury life, you can have it all in St. Lucia as it offers premium-class hotels and real estate, top-quality services, and excellent restaurants.
  • The island of St. Lucia will give you the variety you need: you can live in a city or in a country cottage, and both places will be close to each other as you can cross the tiny country in a matter of one hour.
  • Finally, if the tax burden in your current country is quite high, you can make it considerably lower by becoming a tax resident of St. Lucia as this is a low-tax jurisdiction.

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