Modern design ideas to create a contemporary kitchen

Modern design ideas to create a contemporary kitchen

Modern design ideas to create a contemporary kitchen 

Kitchen design is often overlooked in home remodelling, as many homeowners focus on the living room and bedrooms instead. If anything, the kitchen is typically associated with chaotic surroundings, items left all over the place and generalised messiness. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way, and you can indeed create a kitchen that is both modern and timeless. You just have to keep a few things in mind. 

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Work with the layout 

Before you start buying furniture or painting the walls, you must first determine what works best for the layout you’re working with. It’s the best way to avoid ending up with a space that feels overcrowded. You should take your lifestyle into consideration as well. You don’t need a kitchen that has nothing aside from pure aesthetic value. You also want it to be a practical space that lets you cook and prepare meals, as well as serve as a place to gather family members and entertain guests. 

All of these aspects must be integrated into the furnishings and appliances you use. For instance, if your kitchen is relatively small, you’ll want to maximise the storage space you have at your disposal. Doing your research beforehand can help save you a lot of hassle in the long run. More extensive areas come with their own issues as well. You must take measures to ensure the safety of anyone who uses the kitchen, especially children. 

Modern furniture 

The cabinets and cupboards are the main event of any kitchen. They’re the items that instantly draw your attention when you enter the room, so you want to make sure yours looks fresh and clean at all times. The best way to achieve this is to settle for a design that’s easy to clean and maintain. Heavily ornate cabinets are more time-consuming since you have to spend longer cleaning them thoroughly. You might also have to use harsh cleaning agents to get some pesky spots and stains out, exposing yourself to substances that could be toxic or cause allergic reactions. 

Choose modern kitchen door handles to go with your cabinets. Typically made of chrome, brushed satin nickel or iron lacquer, they’re sturdy and versatile. That means they’ll still look good regardless of what cupboard design you settle on. 

Fashionable colours 

When it comes to colours, you can let your creativity roam freely. After all, your kitchen should be a pleasant space where you should want to spend your time. Nothing can help with that as much as choosing shades and tones that create a relaxed atmosphere. However, if you’re unsure what would work best, you can take inspiration from the latest interior design trends

Neutrals, such as white, brown, grey, black and cream, are timeless, so they’re always in style and will always look good. Choosing this style guarantees you don’t have to change your furniture very often. The pieces won’t feel outdated, and you can enjoy them over many years. That will also help you avoid creating waste and protect your financial stability, as frequent refurbishment endeavours can really take their toll on your wallet. 

However, if the minimalist look doesn’t suit your taste and you’d like something that’s bolder and more vibrant, you can try blue, green, pink or yellow. Inky blue adds depth to any room and creates a charming retro look and atmosphere. It looks lovely paired with polished ecru countertops and fixtures made of light-coloured wood. Green looks good with brass or other tinted metalwork. Both deeper and lighter, more subdued shades lend themselves well to the kitchen, adding freshness and harmony to the environment. 

Pink must be approached carefully if you want to avoid it being too over-the-top. Although stereotypically associated with frivolousness, pink has come back in style and has been around for a while now. Instead of losing its appeal, it only seems to be gaining more and more fans. It can be a sophisticated choice and combines well with rich navy blue. For an extra touch, you can also look for pink appliances, such as fridges, toasters or blenders. 

And, of course, nothing can brighten up a room like yellow tints. Deeper hues, such as mustard or yolk yellows, can serve as the background for other colours, such as aubergine purple, burgundy or primary blue. 


When it comes to the materials you can use in your kitchen, steel is arguably the most modern choice. It looks sleek and put-together, even futuristic, if you know how to blend it with the rest of the design. It is also highly durable and resistant to temperature variations as well as scratches and dents. That’s very important for the kitchen since the place sees a lot of wear and tear.

Pair the steel with natural materials such as wood or marble to add an organic touch. They’re elegant and will add an extra touch of brightness to the whole ensemble. The mix between the two aesthetics is also contemporary in and of itself, as much of the design trends of the 2020s are focused on nostalgia and borrow heavily from the past. 

Glass is also a good choice, not just for its looks but also the ability to provide you with a lot of natural light. Having a picture window lets plenty of sunlight in, making the kitchen feel more open and cleaner. It can also help improve your mood and give you an energy boost. Stained wood, a classic option with a twist, creates a cosy atmosphere and makes the entire room feel more streamlined and orderly. 

The bottom line 

There are many intriguing interior design ideas you can choose from. With such a wide variety of options, you must take your time before deciding. Make sure you don’t just follow the trends but instead incorporate them into your plans and ideas. After all, you’re creating a kitchen that feels natural for your own home and can fit into your budget. 

Don’t break the bank of features that will go out of style soon or that you don’t even like that much. The perfect kitchen looks exactly how you want it to.