Looking in More Detail at How Dry Herb Vaporizers Work?

Looking in More Detail at How Dry Herb Vaporizers Work?

When looking at what vaporizer NZ vapers prefer you will discover you also need to decide whether you want to vape just liquids, dry herb or a mix of the two. With dry herb the material is placed in the oven section of the device, then it is turned on and the temperature heats the herb and vaporizes it. That is then passed through the device through the air path and then enters the mouthpiece where the user inhales it. The dry herb lasts only a certain amount of time before it is all used up and then the user will open the chamber to remove the old brown parts that are left and replace it. Some people keep that dried-out part for baking with.


Grinding the dry herb is important

It is important not to skip the grinding process with something of good quality that is sharp and achieves an even grind. You want the weed broken down into pieces that are a lot smaller but you do not want them to be down to a fine powder. Generally, if this is something you want to enjoy often you would want to invest in a metal high-quality dry herb grinder. By using finer dry herb particles the hot air in the vape travels through them more effectively. You get a much better hit without having a blockage from something too large.


A closer look at the oven or herb chamber

The oven mentioned is also called the herb chamber where the weed is heated and vaporized. This section of a weed vaporizer can be made from different materials like ceramic or stainless steel. Keep the oven clean in order for it to work properly and give you a good experience. The best range for temperature is between 193 to 210 degrees celsius. Heat times vary from one type to another but on average it takes between 60 to 90 seconds to get to the best temperature.


Heating times and temperature control

As mentioned some vaporizer NZ based will give you more precise control and some will have pre-set temperatures to choose between. One of the most important things about vaping dry herb is getting this temperature right. While the range that people burn at falls between the above-mentioned numbers, some people prefer to burn cooler and some prefer hotter. If you have lung issues or want something lighter and smoother go with the cooler option. Do not burn over 235 degrees, it will burn the dry herb.



Vaping is another option to smoking dry herb. You can do both but most people choose one way or the other as everyone has their preferences. There are health benefits to vaping over smoking though, but you need to keep trying until you get the hang of it with a weed vaporizer. Smoking might give you a thicker smoke but vaping is still as effective as long as you get the temperature right.