Five Swanky Bathroom Upgrades for Your Home

Five Swanky Bathroom Upgrades for Your Home

Getting a new bathroom is one of the most in-demand home renovation jobs in 2023. That being said, many people are finding that the rising cost of hiring tradespeople is holding them back from taking the plunge.

Luckily, you can give any bathroom a lick of luxury without doing a full makeover. Here are a few ideas:

A luxury shower

With many of us showering every day, it’s clearly an important part of the home. Why not treat yourself to a more luxurious shower so that you can start to really enjoy your cleanliness regime? 

Consider a power shower, jet shower or waterfall shower to replace your old one. A power shower has a more powerful flow and makes hot water more readily available, thanks to its extra hot water storage cylinder. 

Tile accents

All-white bathrooms are no longer in style. Once popular because they were associated with a lack of germs, many of us now find them cold and clinical. Does this mean you can’t have some white décor in your bathroom? Absolutely not! But if you want to give your bathroom a modern edge, get creative and consider a tiled accent wall in another colour, at the very least. 

Subway tiles are currently enjoying a moment in the bathroom industry. Either coloured or neutral subway tiles can look sleek and modern when applied to one wall. Practical too, they’re easy to clean and highly resistant to stains.  

Freestanding bathtub

If you’re lucky enough to have the space, you could install a freestanding bathtub and instantly give your bathroom a spa-like feel. They look very sophisticated and when placed near natural light such as a skylight, bathing instantly becomes an even more relaxing experience. 

Floating furniture

Sinks with storage cabinets underneath don’t have to touch the ground! A floating cabinet can still allow space for that all-important storage while looking airy and unimposing in a modern bathroom. 

Floating shelves will also make your space look very up-to-date. The wall attachments are completely hidden, meaning that only the shelf itself is visible


Much can be done to give a bathroom that spa finish simply by manipulating the lighting. 

Consider installing dimmable light fixtures. When you get ready in the morning, you may want a bright light so that you can see every detail of your face. But a relaxing evening bath or shower sometimes calls for a little bit more ambiance, which is why getting the best of both worlds might be the answer!

There are plenty of attractive, modern-looking LED mirrors on the market too. These are a massive bonus if you or someone else in the family spends any length of time using a bathroom mirror to prepare for the day. 

Sometimes one or two tweaks are all your bathroom really needs. It’s amazing how much of a difference ambient lighting or a brand-new accent wall can make.