6 Ways to Start Your Day Right

6 Ways to Start Your Day Right

6 Ways to Start Your Day Right

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Are you looking to increase productivity and enhance your overall well-being? Instead of pushing yourself more during the day, try focusing on setting a healthy morning routine. If you’re feeling dull, groggy, and grumpy in the mornings, it usually sets the tone for the rest of the day. 

Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, it’s essential to create a routine that improves your overall well-being. If you live in San Antonio, a proper morning routine will help you enjoy everything the city has to offer. There are family-friendly activities, delicious food options, and so much more, and if you start your day right, you can experience it all! 

1. Take a Shower

Instead of taking a shower after your morning chores, jump into that refreshing spray of water right after you wake up. 

Taking cold showers can help you set a good morning routine. Even if you’ve showered before bed, a simple five-minute shower can help you wake up properly. The cold spray can boost blood circulation and make your hair shine. If you’re used to a morning workout, a cold shower will soothe those sore muscles. 

However, old, leaky showerheads have poor water pressure and may not give you the kick-start you want for your day. Look for a quality shower replacement in San Antonio so you don’t have to settle for inconsistent, tepid spray. This way, your morning showers will be a treat, and your San Antonio home’s value will also increase with a brand-new showerhead. So, if you ever plan to sell the house, you’ll get major returns on the bathroom remodel, as San Antonio is one of the top 6 metros expected to have the largest gains within the home remodeling market.

2. Don’t Press the Snooze Button

It’s tempting to hit the snooze button right after your alarm goes off. Those few extra minutes of sleep might feel necessary, but they're bringing down your morning routine. 

Repeatedly hitting the snooze button wastes time. Secondly, hitting the snooze button results in disturbed sleep. It’s not relaxing or healing. In fact, when you finally get up, your mind and body are even more sluggish than before. 

Instead, pretend the snooze button doesn’t exist. Here are a few ways to ensure that you rise and shine with the first ring of the alarm: 

  • When the alarm rings, count to five and force your body out of the bed.
  • Keep your slippers or a mat next to the bed; these will make it easier to get out of bed on chilly mornings.
  • Preset the coffee machine before going to bed; the lovely aroma of ground coffee beans in the morning might be enough motivation to wake you up.
  • Put your phone or alarm clock at a little distance from the bed; this way, you’ll have to get up to turn it off.

3. Water before Caffeine

You might be used to downing a cup of tea or coffee in the morning. As much as we need a shot of caffeine to wake up properly, our bodies need hydration first. Before you consume anything else, drink some water after waking up. 

Getting some water into your system will automatically make you feel better. Once your body is hydrated, you can focus better on your tasks and be more productive. Caffeinated drinks can cause even more dehydration, so it’s best to have water beforehand. What’s more, drinking water is one of the top morning habits of highly successful people!

4. Enjoy the Usual Things

While hydration is important, don’t forget to enjoy the usual parts of your morning routine. You’ll wake up a lot easier if you have a hot cup of coffee waiting in the pot. Sit down, enjoy the aroma, and appreciate every sip. It's also a chance to spend some moments with family, housemates, pets, or yourself. Breathe deep, practice some minutes of mindfulness, and mentally prepare for the day ahead. 

5. Have a Healthy Breakfast

You need to fuel your body with more than just caffeine in the morning. Stock up on some healthy breakfast items the next time you go grocery shopping. At night, you may want to spend a few minutes thinking about what to have for breakfast. A little preparation the night before can help you have a healthy start to the morning. 

Instead of processed, sugary cereals, you might want to prepare some overnight oats. Soak some chia seeds beforehand and use them in smoothies in the morning. If you don’t like preparing food so early, here are some nutritious breakfast ideas that only take 5 minutes

6. Indulge in Some Self Care

A self-care routine is great for your physical and mental health. It’s a series of actions that you do to improve your well-being and overall happiness. Self-care may vary for different individuals, so find out what feels best for you:

  • A grooming routine: cleansing your face, applying serums, or using a hair mask
  • Reading a good book
  • Spending time with your pet
  • Organizing your belongings
  • Stretching

Introducing self-care to your morning routine will help your body and brain get ready for the day. Just make sure you maintain a balance between self-care and important tasks. Reading one chapter of a book might help your mind get ready for work, but this is not the time to get lost in the story!

Working out as self-care

A quick workout might be the best form of self-care in the morning. Research shows that exercise can actively prevent depression and promote better sleep for most people. You’ll also do away with mental fatigue by exercising soon after waking up. Here are a few activities that should be doable in the morning:

  • Taking a jog around the block
  • Using a stationary bike or elliptical machine while catching up on the news
  • A few yoga positions

These exercises will reduce stress in your body and also help to wake you up. Overall, it’s an excellent way to begin your morning. 


Getting your mornings in order is not hard, but it can make a significant difference in your productivity. With a little determination and effort, you will start feeling happier, more active, and more in tune with your body. Don’t take our word for it; try the methods above and see for yourself!