Using a Reverse Address Search Service: What To Expect

Using a Reverse Address Search Service: What To Expect

Using a Reverse Search Service: What to Expect

Want to learn more about an address or phone number before making an important decision? A reverse search, also known as reverse lookup, is a process of looking up relevant information associated with what you have, such as an address.  

The search, which you typically do through a specialized service, can be helpful in various situations. For instance, when you’re about to buy a house and want to know the owners as well as their contact information. It may also come in handy when you want to do business with a company and want to verify that they are legitimate and don’t have a criminal background. A search may even help with abandoned properties.

That said, if it is your first time using a reverse address search service, here are a couple of things you should know and expect:

Much More Than An Address Lookup

While many services offer reverse address search as their primary offering, in many cases, you can search information based on a name or phone number, too. That’s because the service may double up as a phone and name lookup. 

So, if you have a phone number, for instance, you can find out the name and the associated address. Therefore, these services are, in fact, great online directories.

Far More Info Than the Owner’s Name

While you may want to look up an address just to know who owns it, you may get other information that may prove helpful. For instance, all the phone numbers connected to it, social media profiles such as LinkedIn, the property value, and so much more, depending on the service's offerings.

Instant, Accurate, and Up-to-date Search Report

A reverse search service usually goes beyond what a simple Google search can give you. Services with ample industry experience typically have extensive address and phone number databases. So, you will likely find the information you’re looking for almost instantly. More importantly, they will provide you with accurate as well as updated information.

Historical Data

A Google search will often give you some information about the current owners of an address. But when you’re, say, buying a home you want to live in for a long time to come, you need much more than this. That is an extensive background of the property. So, this is where a reverse search service comes in. It gives you the names as well as contact information of current and past owners of the address.

A Reverse Address Search Service Can Help You Conduct Your Background Check Faster and More Effectively

Whatever your reason for wanting to look up an address or even a name or phone, reverse search services remain one of the simplest, most effective tools. These services typically have huge databases about residents almost everywhere in the country. So, they will generate the information you need quickly. And expect fast, detailed, and comprehensive reports. 

That said, reverse search services are usually highly accurate, provided the source information is correct, too.