Timeless Gray Kitchen Cabinets: A New Symbol of Opulence

Timeless Gray Kitchen Cabinets: A New Symbol of Opulence

The kitchen is easily one of the costliest and most time-consuming parts of the home to remodel and renovate.  Appliances, countertops, and backsplash materials can cost a huge amount of money. However, the cabinetry is a unique part of the kitchen that plays a big role in what the final look of the kitchen will be like. 

While remodeling your kitchen, you should keep in mind that the cabinets are a big part of the kitchen, and sometimes they are what visitors will first see when they enter the kitchen. It is therefore important that you choose cabinets in a color and style that will stand the test of time.

Thinking about how much it costs to get new custom cabinets, it won’t do if after a few years, you are already tired of your cabinets and you need to repaint them or get a new set. Choosing a timeless color and style, rather than trendy ones will save you from having to switch the cabinets out in a few years. 

Gray kitchen cabinets have been in style for quite a while now, due to how versatile the color gray is. Gray is a good neutral color that can fit into any vibe and style of kitchen, depending on how you style it and what colors you pair it with. That way, if you get tired of your kitchen’s modern aesthetic and you want to switch it up to something more traditional, gray cabinets would work just as well. 

Why Choose Gray Kitchen Cabinets?

Visit our website for gray kitchen cabinets that come in different shades, from a deep, dark charcoal gray that is almost black, to light grays that are nearly white. Gray cabinets are really versatile and can be paired with hardware in metallic shades ranging from gold, silver to steel. You can also pair your gray cabinets with darker colored appliances and other hardware in the kitchen to give a refined and elegant feel. 

When paired with brighter colors, gray kitchen cabinets will blend in and the result would be an inviting and more contemporary kitchen.  

Light gray or bluish gray paint cabinets will fit in well in a smaller kitchen, making the room seem like it is bigger than it actually is. These lighter tones of gray create feelings of calmness and serenity, which is good for someone who gets stressed while cooking.

How to Select the Right Shade of Gray for Your Kitchen Cabinets

The key to choosing the right shade of gray for your kitchen cabinets is to be intentional about the undertones that you choose. The undertone is the color that doesn’t show visibly when two paint colors are mixed together. 

For example, gray paint can be combined with blue to give a cool shade of bluish-gray. When paired with beige or tan paint, gray will give off a warm feel. So, the undertone you choose to mix in with your gray paint will be totally determined by the type of feel you want your kitchen to give off.

Bluish gray cabinets are a perfect match with gold pendants, pull draws and fixtures. When paired with honey colored hardwood floors that complement the gold tones perfectly, you get a room that is the perfect balance of warm and cool colors. 

Pale gray cabinets can be paired with silver and black furnishings to give a modern and clear cut feel. But at the same time, when you pair these same cabinets with warm toned furnishings, for example, brass, you get a kitchen that looks more traditional. 

To decide the right shade of gray for your kitchen cabinets, take into consideration the other colors that will be present in the kitchen. What is the aesthetic you want your kitchen to give off? How big is the kitchen? Remember that dark colors will make an already small room seem smaller and lighter shades can make a really big room seem to be too big.

Do you want a modern and sleek kitchen? Then charcoal-gray is the right choice for you, and it can be paired with the metallic hardware of your choice, be it gold or silver. 

If you want to have a kitchen that has a farmhouse or traditional or transitional vibe, then you should go for lighter shades of gray. These lighter shades will make the kitchen look airy and inviting.

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Advantages of Choosing Gray Kitchen Cabinets

  • Gray kitchen cabinets are very versatile, and they can fit into any aesthetic, whether it is modern or traditional. This versatility makes them able to stand the test of time.
  • Choosing such a neutral color to paint the cabinets will give you more room to express your creative freedom with the other parts of the kitchen.  You can choose to experiment with lighter or darker shades for the other furnishings in the kitchen, and the results would still be spectacular.
  • Due to the fact that they can stand the test of time, and don’t go out of style, gray kitchen cabinets will have a good impact on the resale value of your home. Many years down the line, when people want to buy a home, they will not have to worry about being stuck with kitchen cabinets that are outdated.
  • Modern gray kitchen cabinets are sleek, sophisticated, and elegant, and they are easy to pair with any type of décor. They give off this feel of easy, effortless opulence.
  • Gray kitchen cabinets come in a lot of different shades, so you have a lot of options to choose from and work with.

Wrapping Up

Gray kitchen cabinets have come a long way from when they were just drab looking decorations in a traditional kitchen. Now, they can be paired with stainless steel and black finished appliances to make them look ultra-modern and cool. They can also give the kitchen a warm and muted feel, when paired with beige undertones. 

Lighter shades of gray can be combined with bright colors to make the kitchen seem more open and airy. Darker shades might seem intimidating, but they are quite easy to work with, and they can be paired with a wide range of colors. 

Due to how versatile and neutral the color gray is, it works well as a backdrop to allow for creative expression in other parts of the kitchen. Gray kitchen cabinets will look trendy, beautiful and never go out of style.