The Mystery Behind the Not Properly Closing Garage Door

The Mystery Behind the Not Properly Closing Garage Door

The Mystery Behind the Not Properly Closing Garage Door

You care about the garage doors because this place houses your expensive car. You may have kept other items as well. But your vehicle is prized, and you don't want to lose it. Hence, you secure your garage with the best doors to ensure your motor's safety. Yet, the doors sometimes behave weirdly, leaving you in confusion. They refuse to close properly. It can be frustrating if you are late for a meeting and the doors don't close. How do you tackle this situation? What can be wrong with your garage door? Here are some issues that usually lead to such trouble.

Faulty sensors

When safety sensors become faulty, you face this issue. Sensors sit in the bottom area of the garage doors on two sides and communicate with each other through the exchange of signals that help determine obstructions. If they stop working correctly, you may want to replace them. Although it's a DIY task, you can call professionals like Titan Garage Doors for assistance. The professionals can inspect them and fix the specific issue. Sometimes, misaligned sensors also become a pain and create these troubles. When they shift from their place, you will notice that the sensors' lights start blinking. Repositioning them can be the cure for this situation.

Damaged springs

Door springs help with operability. If they break, the doors stop functioning. You can spot this issue by visual inspection and let the professionals work on this. 

Garage door travel limit

Many garage door openers feature a default travel limit. More precisely, this indicates how much the door will close. If you set this limit inadequately during installation or accidentally change settings, you can face an issue with the door closing. So, check the settings and adjust the doors' travel limit.

A few points about garage door replacement

You can fix some problems and continue to use the old doors. Still, a replacement can be unavoidable in some scenarios. For example, you cannot hold on to a dated and weak garage door. Transitioning to a modern system with advanced features is always better, even if it costs slightly more. You may also switch to the new doors for better insulation. The energy bills will be affordable, and the items inside the garage will be safe in different weather conditions. Also, if you see the door has been severely damaged, you must change it rather than repair it. Damages will prevent the door from working efficiently, even after a few fixes here and there. 

Some people believe their DIY skills are enough to handle garage door issues. Please avoid this mistaken notion. Garage doors can be a safety hazard without proper installation and maintenance. If you want your vehicle's and people's safety, always keep them in top condition. Prepare them for changing seasons to prevent challenges with closing and opening. At the same time, you must select materials that suit your local weather. When you talk to your garage door specialist, they will guide you about the options. You can also get an idea about the replacement cost and make a budget.