Quick and Easy Hairstyle Ideas for When You’re In a Rush

Quick and Easy Hairstyle Ideas for When You’re In a Rush

Quick and Easy Hairstyle Ideas for When You’re In a Rush

Hair is a tricky thing, and fickle too. Sometimes managing it can feel like a job all of its own, between washing, conditioning, blow-drying, curling and eventually styling into your ideal look for the day. But most of the time we only have time for two of these steps, before rushing off to work or out to meet people. In a world where we don’t have time anymore, what are some quick and simple hairstyles to save you from untamed hair purgatory?

Crossover Ponytail

The crossover ponytail goes by many names: the ‘crossover’ ponytail, the ‘crossover loop’ ponytail, and even the ‘criss-cross’ ponytail – but whatever you call it, it is a simple and beautiful way to style hair that takes the basic ponytail a step further. The finished crossover ponytail appears as a knot at the back of your head, bringing layers across and down in harmony.

Pull-Through Braid

Generally speaking, braids are not the first thing that comes to mind when you’re styling your hair five minutes before your bus. However, there are a few braid styles that are remarkably quick to achieve, and which do an excellent job of both controlling your hair and showing it at its best. The pull-through braid is one such style; it is, essentially, a cascading series of ponytails teased out into a voluminous quasi-braid!

Twisted Bun

The twisted bun is sometimes referred to as a ‘messy bun’, though this name doesn’t do the simple elegance of the hairstyle quite enough justice. The twisted bun is easy enough to put in place and maintains a cool, effortless look without giving in to the frizzy-ness that other chaotic buns can yield. 

Of course, however loose you arrange your twisted bun, you’re unavoidably pulling your hair towards one central point – which can, as with looser ponytails, reveal thinner areas of your scalp. Thinning hair is not anything to worry about, as many experience it simply as a result of stress. If it does bother you in any way, though, hair building fibres that match your hair colour can be used to build up the affected area – and can look seamless in conjunction with a ‘messy’ hairstyle such as the twisted bun.

Baby Braids

Lastly, we’ll take a celebrity braid tip from Hailey Bieber and run with it, with baby braids. These are exactly the braids that you would get told off for doing during ‘carpet time’ at primary school, but they’re back with a bang thanks to today’s nostalgia-led fashion trends. 

Fashionableness aside, baby braids aren’t the most versatile style. Three or four braids, spaced out along let-down hair, are the perfect way to add intrigue to your look for a night out or a casual day with friends. They could also be used to control your hair into a bun, but they won’t be particularly well-received in the office!